Monday, August 17, 2009

Opening the Call...

Last evening I opened my call in front of a bunch of my family and friends. So, here's a video of me actually opening my mission call. [Feel free to laugh at the fact that I couldn't even say the name of my mission. That's what happens when you don't read it before you start trying to say it.]

It meant a whole lot to me that my friends and family came to support me.
My family.
The Gourleys.
Lauren Hoffman.
Sara Oba.
Jodi Taylor.
Jenni Hoffman.
Ram, Ann, and Destinee Hoffman.
The Haffners.
Candi McGregor.
Nicole and Sam Fuller.
Christi Jefferson.
Breanne Davis.
Alex Lindner.
Amy Jensen.
Pat and Diane's family.
Elder Stoker and Elder Valentine.
Rex and Lanell Thorne.
Tracy Thorne.
Jeff and Kristin Maki.
Danielle Redding.
Megan Bradford [via messanger].
Brett Griffiths [via messanger].
The Likes family [via phone].
Stefanie Hoffman [via phone].

I'm so sorry if I forgot anyone. It's hard trying to remember all those people! I still love you!

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  1. I love it! I love you! I love mission calls! That was so fun. I remember like it was yesterday being in that same situation! I am so happy for you. I only wish my name could have been on that list of people listening as you read your call. I was definitely there in spirit rooting for you and thinking of ya. And I will constantly be thinking of you throughout your mission. I love you Sammi! I am so very proud of you and I know you will make an incredible missionary, one who will help your companions and serve out of love no matter what the circumstances!! You are the best and will be the best! Missionary work is the bomb, Sammi, but it's also not always easy out there so be prepared for very refining times. Keep your cheerful, positive ways and that beautiful smile and testimony and you'll make it through everything!
    What's your address? I have a little something to send you. Love you lots, Sister Samantha Sue Pleshek.