Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Jan 2011

Miguel and I exchanging chocolate for his lighters.
My first Slurpee from 7-11.

Well, let's start the week off right! Sister Kendell and I are headed down to the Tri-Cities for some specialized training, so that's what p-day was changed to Monday. Anyways, about the last week.
Last Tuesday, we had some pretty good lessons. We stopped by Emy and Miguel to see how they are doing. We read the scriptures with them and Miguel and I made a bet. He was saying how he always beats everyone at everything and Emy had made a comment earlier about how Miguel was trying to stop smoking. So, I made him a bet that I could give up chocolate faster than he could cigarettes. So we decided that on Thursday, he would give me all his cigarettes and I would give him all my chocolate. So, that was the plan.

Wednesday, we had District Meeting and for it, the elders planned this huge thing. In addition to making one of their crazy videos, they created Selah-opardy. Which, was fun. But crazy. And took forever. But, they had all these categories about PMG, The District 2 movies, the scriptures and what not. Pretty fun stuff and I learned something, so it wasn't wasted effort at all. We saw Heather too and she seemed to be doing better on Wednesday. Semi-coming back, but still not fully there yet. We read from 1 Nephi with her, so that was good. We also saw a less active named Anabel. And she's sooo funny. We had dinner with her and everything was awesome. She told us she couldn't cook which was okay because we ate a late lunch at a Chinese buffet...which my companion almost died at and I did too. Stinking places. Oh well.

Thursday, Miguel and I made the trade with the addictions we have. After reading M. Russell Ballard's talk from Conference, I handed over my 3+ pound bag of chocolate. He had smoked all his cigarettes, so I took all his lighters. It was funny. But, the lesson went awesome with him and he's doing great! We also talked about baptism, which isn't something he's ready for right now, but will definitely be something he'll do in the future, I just know it! He's so awesome and when they get sealed, I'm so there! Heather was doing worse on Thursday. She just completely had forgotten everything...where she was, what city she was in, etc. It was nuts and we had a hard time trying to find something to talk to her about because she was just so out of it. And that really concerned us, because she was starting to come back. We also got the call on Thursday that we were going to the Tri-Cities for the training because we're the exchange sisters in Yakima. So, that'll be good.

On Friday, we watched the Restoration with Heather to try and trigger something in her memory. She was still out of it, but watched the movie and said she felt good about it. After talking with President and Bishop DeGooyer, we decided to postpone her baptism. But, she's still awesome and stuff. It was crazy, because Bishop is a doctor and he said all that we were telling him sounded like she had had a relasp. So, he asked us to ask her if she'd taken anything. It was really overwhelming for Sister Kendell and I. All week long, we've kept saying 'I'm too young for this'. And I really am. I should automatically earn a degree from this or something! But, we also had dinner with Emy and Miguel. Hna. Kendell and I made crepes for them, since they had never had them...and we just spent our dinner laughing and having a blast. I love those two. And I will be really sad when I have to leave. I had a sweet experience on Friday when Sister Kendell was helping the member Heather lives with with her math. There's a Native American lady that lives there on and off named Roma Jean. And she's an alcoholic. Well, she was sleeping on the couch when we came in. We had our lesson, and then Heather went to bed and Sister Kendell helped Sister Wilsey. I walked back into the living room and Roma Jean was awake and so we started talking. Granted she was so intoxicated, but we had a really good talk and while we were talking, she just started to cry. She was crying because she'd lost a daughter and felt alone and just hopeless. It was a wonderful chance to share the gospel with her. She's been scared of us and would run away from us each time we would come over. But, Sister Wilsey saw us on Saturday and asked what I had done to Roma Jean because she had told Sister Wilsey that she wanted to see me again. It was a tender mercy from the Lord, I know it!

Heather was doing slightly better on Saturday. She received a blessing on Sunday and when we saw her Sunday night, she was doing a ton better and coming back to her old self. Still swollen tongue and sore body from everything, because she's had more seizures, but she's coming back. And we're so excited! We love Heather and I'm so thankful that I've been able to be here at this time to meet and teach her. She told us that we can't leave. She's so cute, and I just love her.

Sister Kendell and I are headed to the Tri-Cities tomorrow before 7, so it will be an exciting trip for us. We're staying at the mission home and going on exchanges with the Spanish sisters. We also have zone p-day today, so that'll be fun.

I love you all! And I am so grateful for all you do for me!

Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 Jan 2011

Well, first off, before I forget, I believe our p-day next week will be a Monday. Just a big FYI. So, now let's get into this letter. I'm hoping it will be packed with fun-filled action of the past week.
Last week, after emails, Sister Kendell and I went and got pedicures for her and my year marks. Since we didn't do anything for them, we wanted to do something together. And it was awesome! We tried to share the gospel with a Vietnamese Buddist. Very interesting. But, it was fun to try. Maybe we made a difference...who knows! But, we went over the the Englewood building to play with the elders and while we were there, I got my 'trunky call'. The call every missionary gets from the mission office asking them if their parents have moved, if they will have a valid driver's license and temple recommend, where their stake president lives and which airport is closest to their home. Yes, well, it's the dreaded call and I got it last week. I am scheduled to fly home on May 3rd. So that's when I will be coming. I can't believe that I only have 2 1/2 transfers left. Where has all the time gone? It's not supposed to be this close yet. After we started proselyting again, [woah, spelled wrong?] we had this AMAZING appointment with a lady named Juanita. She is the daughter of a member and is awesome! We extended the baptismal commitment to her and she accepted for the 29th of this month! YAY JUANITA!
Wednesday, I had a lovely exchange with Sister Spencer. It was really fun and I just laughed my butt off the whole entire time. She's kind of off the wall sometimes, but we had fun. She reminds me of a young Mary High...haha. You can imagine. But, she was hilarious and we got a lot of work done. It was great!
Thursday, we woke up to everything covered in ice. We had a zone conference up in Selah and we were all supposed to meet there to practice our song. Sister Kendell and I sang with the zone leaders in a lovely rendition of Our Savior's Love. It went really well, but anyways, jumping ahead of myself. We woke up and had to clean the car. Kind of hard when it's covered in ice. So, we try to do our best and then just start driving into town to a car wash. Well, I get the smart idea that since it's icy, I don't want to like slam on my brakes, so I decide to cut through the parking lot. Yeah, bad idea. It's all slanted and so we're over half way through the lot and I'm trying to put on my brakes...and nothing's happening. Yeah, I was just sliding on the ice and we're headed for the snow bank and curb. Sister Spencer's all, oh man, here it comes and we jumped the curb and got stuck. LAME! Because it's soooo slick outside and we can't push ourselves out and ...ahh man. So we call Brother Mitchell to see if he can come help us. But while we were waiting, a group of Mexicans came and pushed us out. I was really grateful for that. So, we get our car washed and the elders call and ask if we can come pick them up. At this point we're soooo late, but if we don't, they won't have a ride. So we go get them. And then we drive to Selah. And as we're driving there, we get stuck behind a semi. In my freshly washed car. UGH! Haha. But, whatever, it was fine and we didn't die, although we were extrememly late. But, better late than never. Zone Conference was AWESOME! Rocked my socks completely off. Loved it! All about the Spirit in conversion. Awesome! But, later that night, we tried to use what we had learned in a lesson with a member and her non member husband. And we had a really good lesson with him. He asked a lot of questions and he's opening up more and more. He believes that the church is true and it feels right to him. We've just got a few things to sort out and he will be golden!
Friday we had dinner with a less active and active his girlfriend. They're younger than both Sister Kendell and I, so it was really weird. But, good. We touched him and it's amazing to see his Spirit wanting to come back. He's becoming converted and it's great! We spent the whole day sinking in the mud, as it's getting warmer and warmer. Yikes! Our shoes were completely dirty and just...reallly muddy. Oh well. Haha, we also stopped at a lady in the ward's house. She's so funny. She lives by herself and the other week when we walked forever, we walked to her house. Well, she came home that night, didn't see any car tracks, but found our note and she just saw two sets of footprints. So she didn't know it was us, but she figured there were some prowlers in the neighborhood. So she calls all her neighbors telling them that there's prowlers and such. And she's freaking out and telling everyone. She finally is on the phone with Bro. Mitchell and he tells her that we walked there and it was us. Haha. So funny to hear that. But, lesson well learned.
Saturday, it was another day where we just walked about 10 miles all over Moxee. We walked and walked and walked. We stopped and some people were home, but it was fun. Really nice day for walking, other than the mud. But, great! It was all worth it at the end when we contacted 3 Mexicans working on a gate. And we shared with them a message about what we teach, gave them pass along cards, and went on our way. One of them called us yesterday, so it was worth walking...especially in the rain. We about died of laughter that night. Sister Kendell and I were soooo exhausted, everything was funny. So, it was great. And we just went to bed laughing. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. It felt amazing! I just love her! Oh and the Mitchell also rescued a bird they let us see that night.
On Sunday, it was lots of church, as normal. We found out that we have 666 members in the Terrace Heights ward. Haha. We all thought it was funny in our meeting. But the only scary thing that happened was that one of our investigators had a seizure before church started. So, that was really scary. We had an appointment with her yesterday, and she just looks awful. Oh my gosh. But I'll talk about that more later. We also had this visiting teaching conference that was great! I love the ward we serve in!
Monday...we had a lesson with Heather. But she was just in bad shape. So we called Bishop to come over with one of his counselors and give her a blessing. He's a doctor, too, so it all works out. But we hope she gets better because she has her interview with President Greer on Sunday. We also lost our phone yesterday. We searched and searched Yakima for it and that made us late to most of our appointments. But, such is life and there's a reason for everything.
Well, that's all I have this week! I love you all so much and I'm thankful for all you do for me!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happy Anniversary to you Mom and Dad!

This post will be really short this week, but I'd like to do it with least the ones I have. We didn't quite have the eventful week we had last week [hospital visit, etc.], but we have put some people on date to be baptized at the end of the month and that's awesome.

One of the member's in the branch - their dog had puppies right before Christmas and we went over to their house to eat and I got to play with them. This one, I named after myself. Haha. Despite the fact that it's a boy. It's name is still Hna. Pleshek. Hna. Kendell got to hold one for a little bit too...but didn't for very long because of the allergic business and the fact that last week, the dogs weren't too fond of her. But her finger is better now! =)

The other day we went out walking. We were going to walk to a lady in the ward's house. The RS president asked if we would go see her and we never catch her home, so we decided to try and walk. After she wasn't home, we decided to walk to a ward missionary's house...which wasn't too far up the road...or so we thought. We ended up walking about 7 miles that day. And let me tell you, my feet and my legs sure were feeling it the next day.

Our RS president in the ward gave us these mafia coats...yeah. They're warm and made out of wool, but we feel like we're going to drown in them. It's okay though. I hid 2 children in them on Sunday. It was really funny. But I'm super grateful for the warm coat after the snow we got the other day and the snow we will get.

Yesterday, it was a less active's birthday. And his favorite movie is the Little Mermaid and so we made him a cake. It was the only thing he got for his birthday and after we surprised him with that, we sang some Little Mermaid songs to him. He told us we sang exactly like Ariel. Haha. It was awesome though. Hna. Kendell and I just had a BLAST making that cake and it was pretty good. It was all from scratch and it tasted pretty good.

We had a pretty productive night and week and it's just a blast being with Hna. Kendell. The work is moving and the members are great! I love being a missionary! I love you all and thanks for everything you do for me!!

Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4 Jan 2011

Well since my letter was lame last week, I figure I should write something awesome! =) I am once again back with Sister Kendell and we couldn't be more excited. The minute she got here, the miracles started happening. Everything went awesome.
Wednesday, we went and saw some on and off again investigators - Cecilia y Jose. They live in Terrace Heights and are church hopping. We had a good lesson with them, added Jose as a new investigator of ours, and just helped them understand more about the Restoration of the doctrine of Christ. It was really awesome to see them understand the need for the Restoration and all that. They were really great and we're working on getting them to church. They'll go to the others, but not to ours. Stinkin' Satan.
Thursday night, we just went forth and conquered. 2 new more investigators. This time for the English work. Matt - who was a referral from an awesome family, was taught about repentence. We extended the baptismal commitment, which he accepted. He just didn't set a date, so we will be working with him on that in the next appointment we have with him. He's just awesome. And later that night, we had dinner with a really nice family and the mom was like 'oh I'm coming out with you guys'. We were like...umm, what? We had no idea. So we had some plans cancel, which was NO coincidence. And we went and saw a lady named JoAnn. She's old and a smoker and we just went in and talked about Jesus Christ and how He's always here trying to gather His sheep. And we know He's trying to gather her in. Her smoking problem keeps her from coming to church because she feels she will be rejected. But, she said we were her angels and an answer to her prayers. She wants to get baptized. The only thing we need to work past is the smoking. And with the Lord, all things are possible. It was cool to see how perfectly our exchange fit with her. AWESOME!
Friday was pretty uneventful except for a lesson we had with a girl named Heather. She has been looking for a change and has come to church 3 times on her own. She's great and so prepared, but we both felt like we needed to extend the baptismal commitment. All these distractions came in and out of the room, and we didn't do it. After some good repentence on our part, we still know that this is something that can bless her life and will some day. Where she's staying, she hasn't been doing very good things, so she's going back to Las Vegas. Maybe Sister Kendell and I weren't the missionaries for her, but she'll still be blessed if she accepts the gospel in her life.
Sister Kendell and I welcomed the new year in in our beds. Sleeping. Call us party poopers, but we were pooped out. We finished our weekly planning that night, as we had to be in by 6:30. But all is well and I made some new year's resolutions for myself. And I'm going to stick to them.
Saturday, Sister Kendell wasn't feeling very good. She's been getting over this nasty bug of some sort. We don't know what's going on, but we went with the Mitchells later that night to visit some people. It was so great and I'm so grateful I live with members as awesome as the Mitchells. I want to be like Sister Mitchell when I get older. She's so great and just full of life, energy, and the gospel.
Sunday was filled with meetings and church. Awesome testimony meetings and such. Couldn't really ask to be in a better position right now. The Terrace Heights ward is great and so is the Spanish Branch. I love serving in both and feel soo blessed to be here at this time. Sunday, we just visited some less actives and tried to figure out more about the work we have to do in the ward. We visited with some families to try and get more information about some potential investigators. It's always nice to build member trust as they see your purpose here as a missionary.
Monday was...insane! We had a specialized training with the Greers and the Assistants. It was all about the doctrine of Christ and I loved it so much! I now more fully understand my purpose here as a missionary and I just love that the Lord has entrusted this to us. He blesses us so much and as we know who we are and our purpose, we can only make the lives of other better. After the training and lunch, we went and visited some people. We came back for dinner and ate a little. After, we decided to follow our plans and go out to contact these people. We knocked on the door and some guy [a roommate] answered. He had his big ugly wrinkled dog on the other side of the door. He picked him up and told us to come in, saying something about the dog being grumpy. Sister Kendell went over to pet know. Make nice with the dog, and then he bit her. She didn't really say anything. We contacted the lady and walked out the door and Sister Kendell started to cry. She just kept telling me her hand hurt really bad. We got back in the car, turned on the light, and her hand was covered in blood. Well, the glove was. But, I took her back to the Mitchells and which Sister and Brother Mitchell were taking care of her, I called Sister Greer. Brother Mitchell gave her a blessing, but then we went to the hospital. The dog really got her and since she's really allergic...yeah. We went and spent our night in the ER. She's fine, but is out of a right hand for some time. So, I'm just helping my companion along and we're a good team. But, we had to cancel all of our appointments for that night. But, we're glad it wasn't worse. I'm not really letting her do anything because I don't want her to hurt herself. It's a fun game. =)
Sounds like your trip out west was awesome! I'm excited to see pictures from the wedding! I want to really bad! And pictures of Brody. I was going to ask about him this week, but you had already written me about it. I'm sure Nichola was a beautiful bride and I'm sad I couldn't be there, but I'm stoked to be there in the summer for the reception! =)
My new years resolutions have been blessing my life. They aren't anything like get married or go on 100 dates or anything like that. It's about me being a more obedient and better missionary. And I know as I do that, not only will I be blessed, but those around me. I've already seen it as I've tried to be more exactly obedient.
I love you and I'm thankful that you're my family and I have you in my life! I'm glad you're all well and safe and I just...I know the gospel is true. I know that we have the pure doctrine of Christ here on this earth and with that, we can know who we are and what we're doing here. We have purpose as we come to know that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father. I miss you all and I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek