Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Nov 2010

Temple trip with the Kennewick Hermanas and the Mitchells!!
Jacobe's baptism
Winter has come to Yakima.

Dear Mom,

What a week it has been. Gone and come so fast, I can't even tell you. Well, we had Thanksgiving this week, which we spent with the Mitchells. It was fun and even though we were told not to drive our cars, Sister Salmon and I had a lot of fun. We ate...and ate...and I even got to nap. It was a beautiful thing and I sure am grateful for a whole lot of things.

We've been getting lots of snow. It's okay, because I am a professional. Haha. Just kidding. But for real. We got lectured at zone conference on defensive driving, so I was just all, I got it under control. Still, great advice. Oh, we had zone conference yesterday. It was all about how to begin teaching. It's part of the 8 new lessons the missionary department is rolling out ...well, already has started rolling out. They're pretty legit and make the work so much better. It's always awesome to have zone conferences. And the best part was, our zone had to do the special musical number, and so we sang If the Savior Stood Beside Me. The Greers and assistants told us that it was by far the best out of all the zone conferences they went to and they made us to it again at the end to end the conference.

We got to go to the temple today and that was amazing, as always. I sure do love the temple and I spent a lot of time thinking about my mission and the experiences I've had in the temple. I also thought about my first time in the temple and what a special experience that was. I'm excited to do sealings and more initiatories when I get home. For now, we just really do endowments. And that's great, but I am excited to do more and learn from those experiences, too.
It sounds like things have been going busy busy busy at home. Which is good. Oh and if you awnt to know, my address is 1902 Ekelman Rd. Yakima, WA 98901. So, yeah, just FYI.

I can't believe how fast the time is flying. Christmas is coming up and I'm already anticipating calling home to talk to all of you. I just...I honestly can't believe how fast it's going. I never thought I'd be at this point right now, but it's been a HUGE blessing and I wouldn't do it any other way.

We had a baptism on Sunday, too. It was awesome! I love baptisms and just am so excited to see the changes people make in their lives! Jacobe's baptism was awesome and he's such a cool kid!

Well, my time is short and I have a lesson to teach in 10-ish minutes. Plan of Salvation! WOOHOO! I love you all and thank you for all you do for me! I couldn't do this without you!


Hna. Pleshek

Thursday, November 25, 2010

23 Nov 2010

MOM!!! I want to buy boots today!!! WE HAVE SNOW!

Well, I'm glad to hear that things are going well back home! And that everyone is staying warm despite the cold stuff that's happening. We just got some snow, too. It started snowing on Sunday night and hasn't really stopped since. Putting my Wisconsin driving skills to use, so it's all good. Especially with Sister Salmon. Being from Florida, she's a little concerned about the driving in the snow. Not too worry. I'm not the world's scariest driver and I still have a good head on me and I know not to go 80 when it's snowing really hard and there's ice all over.

That's unfortunate about Wayne. But, I guess we can only hope for the best and see what happens. I hope that the braces are helping Papa along. He's still pretty young and kicking. He'll be alright.

I honestly don't have a lot to say this week. With the transfers and stuff, it's just been nuts. We've been going going going and never having any time to stop. We're always busy and I think this transfer just might kill me. I'm so exhausted and I feel it all the time. I crash each night really early and then start worrying about something or other that's happening.

We had Antonio postpone his baptism until further notice. It's got to do with the law of chastity. We taught him that and then the next day, he told us he wanted to postpone it. So, we're dealing with that and he's still been prepared and is a good kid, as he told us he still will keep the word of wisdom. Just, a kid that's looking for something and he's really wanting a new start. So, I'm glad that he's taking this seriously and not just jumping in with his eyes closed. He knows what it all entails and he wants to be able to do all of it.

Umm, I really do want to buy some boots. Cause it's snowing and my shoes have holes in them and that's not okay with me. So, if we could work something out, that would be fantastic! =)

Thanksgiving will be at the Juarez's house. They're a really big family that's all getting together and it'll be fun. I'm looking forward to it. And we're going to the temple next week, so I'll be emailing a little later than normal. If that helps you with your writing, great.

Well, I love you and I miss you all! Be great!
Hna. Pleshek

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16 Nov 2010

Beautiful weather is abundant in Yakima! The 60's yesterday and it's been mid 50's so far today.
Well, things are going fantastic here in Yakima. Transfer calls have come and gone and I'm staying in Yakima for the holidays with Hna. Salmon. We are excited to be together...especially since we've had a successful transfer together and are planning on have even more success this transfer.
Transfers are going to be interesting. In addition to doing Spanish work and working in the Branch here, the English sisters are getting doubled out of Terrace Heights and Sister Salmon and I are taking that over too. We'll have 2 wards and will be doing English work. I'm kind of nervous, but I'll do whatever the Lord asks.
I told you about Antonio last week and this week, it's just exploded. I really thought that he didn't have a super amount of potential, but I was proved wrong. On Sunday, his girlfriend told us that he wants to be baptized and on Sunday, when we had our lesson, he just told us to make it happen as soon as possible. So, we're working on that. And he's just had this amazing turn and he wants to be baptized! We're so excited for him. And it's amazing because he's not just doing it for her. He had missionaries come by and see him when he was like a freshman and they left. And now that we've come back into his life, he takes it as a sign from God that this is what he needs to do with his life. But, SOOO awesome!
Elder Gamett left yesterday and it'll be interesting to be in the branch and not have him there. It's so weird. I hate it when people leave...especially when they go home. Transfers always make me sad. It's so bittersweet. But anyways, it's life, right?
I can't believe on Thursday, I'll have been out for a year. That's insane to me. Where is the time going and why is it going soooo dang fast? I miss home, but I love my mission. And I get gooey to think about when I get to see you all again. I really am just going to burst into tears, I tell you what. Haha.
So, the boots. Yeah, probably easier to have me just get them out here. I want to see what they have and what'll work best. I still don't even know. But, we'll figure it all out.
Well, sorry this is short. Time flies, always! But I did get all the packages, THANK YOU! And I sent a letter off to Andrew this morning. I hope he enjoys it!
I love you all and miss you!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9 Nov 2010


Well, this week has been crazy! We've had all sorts of good things happen and so many awesome people we're teaching. I love the little miracles we see each day. [And it especially makes my day when I see someone walk in the library with a mullet!] So, let's see.

Yesterday was awesome. I learned the art of cutting elders' hair. That was exciting. Elder Gamett who goes home next Monday asked if I could cut his hair. Of course, the only experience I have with cutting hair is Tom and Dad. And Tom's is easy. Put on a guard and go to town. Well, it's different with an elder who has to see his family and likes to 'do' his hair as they say. No pressure. Especially with 3 other elders and my companion watching. But, it turned out pretty good. At least I think so. Maybe I'm cut out for the whole hair thing. I sure hope so.

Well, we're teaching this kid named Antonio. He's the boyfriend of a less-active and at first, he wasn't so thrilled about the whole religion thing. He was like 'I'll do my thing, you do yours and we'll leave it at that.' No big deal, right? Well, so we started teaching him and it was such a bust! He was like oh yeah, I wasn't listening when we asked him what he thought about Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus Christ. I wasn't listening? What the heck? So, we decided that we just needed to start with the basics and since he's very 'Catholic', just to start teaching out of the Gospel Principles book because that's something we could teach and agree on. Well, we've been doing that and as we've been teaching him the principles, he's become more open. He listens and gets involved in the lessons. He voluntarily tells stories and he's just...it's a miracle. He even came to church last week and so did the less active family. It was amazing! We had 3 investigators in church and that was ...awesome! No words.

And then there's this other lady we're teaching - Maria. And her husband is a less active member, too. And she's soooo golden. She asks all the questions you wish an investigator would ask. She's so ready and she's prayed and got her answer and so on Thursday, we're hoping to put her on date. She's so ready. Her husband knows it. The branch knows it. We know it. Now it's just getting her to see that she's ready, too.

We're also tag team teaching this man named Jose. He's pretty golden, too, but the elders can never seem to get a hold of him. So, we pass by and he's there, so we teach him. He's dealing with marriage issues, which I don't want to get involved in, but he's pretty determined to take the lessons even though he's dealing with issues and such. So, we're hoping that he'll want to involve the elders more than us. But he's pretty cool.

It sounds like things are exciting at home, as always. It really does seem like the weeks fly by. I too feel like I sit down to write and think of what all went on the last week. What will interest you to hear about me.

Things are going really good here in Yakima. It's getting cold...so we're hoping to finish tracting Moxee and then have some solid gators there...so we don't have to tract when there's snow on the ground. I hope the Lord provides for us, but I'm always willing to do what He asks...even if it means tracting in the snow.

Speaking of...I know you said you figured out my Christmas present, but does it include boots in any way?

And...things are going well. I love this work and I am glad to be a part of it. I love you all and hope things find you warm and healthy. =)
Con amor,
Hermana Pleshek

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 Nov 2010

Zone P-day soccer game. Selah vs. Yakima Zone. The Selah zone won because we are AWESOME!
Happy Birthday Hermana Pleshek! Cake from Elders Lundquist and Gamett.
Hermana Salmon and I are Mexican soccer players for Halloween.
Our WKM t-shirts.

Hola Mom!
Well, things are fantastic here! We've got some great things that have been going down this week. And I don't have a huge amount of time, but I just want you to know how much I love being a missionary! We're seeing miracles every day and I just love it more and more. I love the gospel and this is the best thing.

I had a fun birthday. Didn't do too much. Some of the elders made me a cake and we ate Chinese for lunch. Really good! But, other than that, we just were teaching and even though it rained, it was great! Seriously though, that cake was bomb! I loved it! And my companion and I had a very unexciting Halloween. We had to be in by 6, so we made dinner together, watched some church movies and just wrote letters and what not. We also roasted smores and that was fun, too. We've been wanting to do it for some time, but the time finally presented itself and we got to do it!
Let's see...what else has been going on? Well, the work is moving forth and things are progressing. I can't wait til the stupid apple season is over so the Mexicans will be back in their houses again. Or I can pray for rain each day.
Well, something that I've been really trying to work on hard the past little while is my prayers. My Spanish prayers have been awesome and have been getting more and more detailed and specific, which I love. It just seems like when the day is done, I just am so pooped that I have no energy to put that into my praying since it takes a lot more to pray in Spanish than English. So, I've been working on that because I don't have the time to waste to be prideful and think I can do it myself. Because I know that I can't. I absolutely cannot!
My Spanish is still progressing and it still blows my mind some days that I can and do speak Spanish. It's amazing how the Lord blesses us and continues to. I am so grateful for all the blessings I've received on my mission. It's been amazing and my testimony continues to grow each day.
Eww, someone smells like old cigarette smoke. Bleh!
I want you to know that I love you and I pray for you always!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek