Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16 Nov 2010

Beautiful weather is abundant in Yakima! The 60's yesterday and it's been mid 50's so far today.
Well, things are going fantastic here in Yakima. Transfer calls have come and gone and I'm staying in Yakima for the holidays with Hna. Salmon. We are excited to be together...especially since we've had a successful transfer together and are planning on have even more success this transfer.
Transfers are going to be interesting. In addition to doing Spanish work and working in the Branch here, the English sisters are getting doubled out of Terrace Heights and Sister Salmon and I are taking that over too. We'll have 2 wards and will be doing English work. I'm kind of nervous, but I'll do whatever the Lord asks.
I told you about Antonio last week and this week, it's just exploded. I really thought that he didn't have a super amount of potential, but I was proved wrong. On Sunday, his girlfriend told us that he wants to be baptized and on Sunday, when we had our lesson, he just told us to make it happen as soon as possible. So, we're working on that. And he's just had this amazing turn and he wants to be baptized! We're so excited for him. And it's amazing because he's not just doing it for her. He had missionaries come by and see him when he was like a freshman and they left. And now that we've come back into his life, he takes it as a sign from God that this is what he needs to do with his life. But, SOOO awesome!
Elder Gamett left yesterday and it'll be interesting to be in the branch and not have him there. It's so weird. I hate it when people leave...especially when they go home. Transfers always make me sad. It's so bittersweet. But anyways, it's life, right?
I can't believe on Thursday, I'll have been out for a year. That's insane to me. Where is the time going and why is it going soooo dang fast? I miss home, but I love my mission. And I get gooey to think about when I get to see you all again. I really am just going to burst into tears, I tell you what. Haha.
So, the boots. Yeah, probably easier to have me just get them out here. I want to see what they have and what'll work best. I still don't even know. But, we'll figure it all out.
Well, sorry this is short. Time flies, always! But I did get all the packages, THANK YOU! And I sent a letter off to Andrew this morning. I hope he enjoys it!
I love you all and miss you!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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