Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mission adddress

Hermana Samantha Pleshek
Washington Kennewick Mission
8656 W Gage Blvd. Ste. 205
Kennewick, WA 99336
This is the mission home address.

Look Out Washington, Sammi's Here

Sammi flew out of Salt Lake City yesterday and headed to Washington. She attempted to call, but using a pay phone with a calling card is a HUGE ripoff. We didn't get to talk to her. It was alright though. We've gotten used to "hearing" from her via email and letters.

Last night Sister Belnap, the mission president's wife, called to let us know that she had arrived and was going to be able to call us when she was finished with her interview with President Belnap. She stated that they have friends who know Pat's mission president, Howard Sharp. The Sharps called their friends and their mutual friends called the Belnaps to let them know what a great missionary they were getting in Sammi. Sister Belnap said they knew immediately that they had gotten a "gem."

Following her interview, Sammi had the opportunity to call home. We didn't spend a long time on the phone, but it was good to hear her voice. She said she was one of 15 missionaries entering the field in her mission yesterday. She was the only Spanish speaking sister. With the information President Belnap got from Pat and others, he already knew where she would serve and who would be her trainer. He said he didn't know where the others were going before meeting them, but with Sammi he knew.

She is excited to be there and ready to get going. Her first area is in Kennewick and she's serving in the Pasco 5th branch....Spanish speaking of course.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Pictures Again!

Just a random picture of our beautiful missionary daughter.
The trio with Sister Barbara Thompson of the General Relief Society Presidency.

Elder Bailey and Elder Kakazu from her district.

The travel itinerary to Washington!

This beautiful trio of Hermanas.
Hermanas Christensen, Pleshek & Pechin.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

Sounds like you've had an exciting week!!! I am just getting home from the temple - my last session while I'm a missionary in the Provo temple. It was great, though. I had a blast there. It's just so nice to go and relax. And I got all the names done today, too. I had one more woman name left and that I finished up today. WOOHOO! So I'll be sending those out this week before I go.
Oh okay, so I don't really wear a skirt and a jumper that I have, so would you want me to send them home or just put them in the giveaway box? I'm filtering through all my stuff the rest of this week because I'm just getting rid of the things that I don't need or won't use at all. So, I've been thinking a lot about Brett this week and it's nuts. I just have these weeks sometimes where it's like okay, it's a Brett week where I just go back over and over and try to remember why I'm on a mission. It would have been so easy for us to just get married and I realized when I got here in November that I wasn't over him and ahh, it's hard. So, I just have to remember my purpose in being here and that it's my job to invite others to come unto Christ. And if it's really supposed to go somewhere with Brett, he'll be there when I get home. It makes me kind of sad though. I've written him since I've been here, but I haven't heard back. But you know what, if it's too hard, I don't blame him for not writing.
Well, it's down to the wire here and I'm freaking out. My Spanish is coming along and I'm taking a HUGE advantage of the tutors and such that I have. They're helping me a lot, but some concepts like subjunctive clauses take me like 20 minutes to figure out on paper. I won't be able to do that in a lesson. But, it'll come with time. I'm not worried. I know the Lord provides a way.But, I feel like the MTC and I are breaking up. But that he's breaking up with me. And I don't like that very much. It's going to be a slap in the face when I get into the field. I've come to love my district so much! They're my family here and even though some of them are coming to Washington with me, it won't be the same. And it makes me really sad. But you know what? I can do this. I can be tough and just make the most of this. Blast this MTC. They make you all close to people and then send them away. Dang it all!
Well, at least until I go out west to school again. I feel like even though I don't have definite plans yet for school yet, I know what I want to do and where I want to go. E. Huff and I were talking about that the other day. It was really good to be like 'hey! I know what I want to do.'
Oh, I finally did see Amy Mann, too the other day. And Kap!! It was on Tuesday that I saw Kap. I was like OH MY GOSH! Really funny though. He's such a goofball, I love it. Still great. It was so great to see him, though. I was like I've been looking for you ever since I got here in November and now I'm leaving in a week and I see you! I also saw some girl I went to EFY with. She made my wrap for me the other day. And I saw Kori yesterday, too. She was lost, so I helped her find her classroom. But she and I are on the same floor just a couple doors down, so we'll probably be seeing each other often.

Oh man, I just love it here. I'm so sad to leave, but bigger and better things are ahead of me. I'll try and send out my memory stick again and you can pick which picture you want. But, it'll be good.Oh, for boots. Umm, 10 and black? I don't know. Sounds good to me. Boots are good. And I'll probably have to be getting some new shoes sometime soon. I'm getting rid of those 9 1/2 shoes because they stink and they hurt my feet really bad. But other than that.

Oh man, so my chest area and shoulder blades KILL me right now. I played volleyball the other day for the whole gym period. I haven't done that in a while since I'm pretty legit at 4 Square now, too. But, I played and I dominated and now I'm all sore. Boo. But I've earned the nickname Hermana Death Serve. So...haha. People think I played professionally. It's funny. But whatever, I'll let them think that.

Oh, so I got my flight plans and I leave from the MTC Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. I'll be at the airport by 9-ish and then I'm hoping to call sometime around then?? After I get all checked in, in through security, etc. My flight leaves at around 11. So, I'm definitely planning to call. I've got my calling card and everything [$3 for 500 minutes - WOAH!], so I'm pretty stoked! Umm, yeah, I think that's about all I have for now.
I love you! I'm excited to go to the field, but freaking out too. But you know what? The Lord will take care of me cause He's a good guy like that. I'm in His service and His hands and that's good enough for me. Oh, we're singing I Need Thee Every Hour as a district on Sunday since it's our last week and it's going to ROCK!!! I love it! Alright, but my time is almost up. Ask Erin is she wants to write that guy in my district and have her me back. LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Pleshek

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010

Okay, so I'm really excited right now and do you want to know why?!? We just got our flight plans in the mail!!! We don't actually have them in our hands yet, but we'll be getting them tonight so I'll be sure and let you know when I get to call and all that jazz. PLUS, I bought a calling card today for about 5 dollars that has 500 minutes on it!!! So, I'll get to use that when I call home. Pretty sure I'll be flying in the morning and if that's the case, just know that I don't care what time it is, I WILL BE CALLING. Even if it is at 3 in the morning. And you should probably me Clare and Clint's phone number so I can call them, too. If they're not at our house this week.
WOW!! Such a great week! It's been a crazy one, but definitely better than last week. Everything is just falling into place and I love it. I got about 6 letters written today and that was really exciting because I don't usually get that many done. We got all our boy names done at the temple today and I have one girl left for next week and I'll mail those out next week...when I only have 5 days left here at the MTC!!! WOAH! I can't believe that it's here! It's coming so soon. 12 days. That's nuts!

Okay, so we had L. Tom Perry come and talk to us again on Tuesday and it was awesome. He basically taught us - the missionaries - the first lesson. So amazing! And he said something in his talk that struck me. And he said that we need to re-evaluate our testimonies and I was just like what?! I'm a missionary. My testimony is why I'm here. I bear my testimony a million times a day. Re-evaluate? So, I've just been going through my lessons and after each principle, re-evaluating my testimony on that. So legit!
I also had some fun stuff happen with my companion. On Monday, Hna. Pechin and E. Nilsson had a cranberry juice drinking contest to see who could drink the most. Of course, Hna. Pechin was in the double digits when she starts coughing just a little bit. And a little bit more. Soon enough, there's puke all over the floor. And I just get up and basically run away cause I was feeling it coming too. OH MY GOSH! My husband is going to not like me when it comes to puke. Sure, give me anything else, I can handle it. Puke, no thank you. But, it was interesting that's for sure.
As of Wednesday, we're officially the oldest district in the zone! And it's crazy. We got a new district on Wednesday, but I still haven't met them yet. But the new district we got last week I absolutely love. I LOVE THEM. They're just amazing elders! I told them that I just wanted to keep them with me all the time. Now everytime they see me they call themselves my beanie babies. Haha. It's funny.
Oh, something else that was legit. We had Elaine Dalton come and speak to us again on Sunday. And we got to meet her! She hugged me and told me I was beautiful and it was so great. I absolutely love her. She's amazing. Okay, so today in the temple, Elder Huff told me that the guy checking one of our family names was like 'Oh Gresham, my daughter lives in Gresham.' So do we know anyone whose Dad works at the Provo temple? It's irritating because I have no idea how it is and it's just bugging. But oh well.

OH MY GOSH! I stinking love those pictures of B. And Cami and I. Well, I guess Cami and herself. That's so funny. We do look a lot alike. But Hna. Pechin wants Clare to mail Adam out here for just a little while so we can play with him. Cami, too. Haha.Oh, tell Erin that there's an Elder in my district that wants her to write him. Haha. I had her package out and was showing everyone how awesome my family was and how cute my niece and nephew are and then they're all like is that your sister? She looks just like you! And E. Davis thinks Erin's really cute, so he wants her to write him. Haha. I promise he won't be creepy. Haha. But he's a good guy so she should just write him once just so he feels good. Haha. Oh crap, there was something else that I wanted to say...umm...I don't remember.
Haha, of course my version of how Elder Munk and I met is a lot more detailed. He's a boy. Haha. I mean, an Elder. But everytime I see him I just scream out his name and he's so funny. He just blushes and is like Hey Hna. Pleshek. Haha. But he always talks to me and it's funny.
OH, so get this. We have these elders in our building right? And we taught them like the second week we were here. So they're our buddies. E. Baker and E. Cherry. So, we taught them again because they wanted us to and we're all leaving. So we teach them the other day and afterwards, E. Cherry is like Hna. Pleshek, I have a spiritual thought for you. It's just for you. And I'm like what the heck? Okay. So, he proceeds to tell me that the Elders in his district make fun of E. Baker because everytime I see him, I talk to him and ask him how it's going - you know - being his friend. So, anyways, he's like they tease him about you and call you Hna. Diablo [Sister Devil] and all this stuff and I'm like why are you telling me this? But he's like I just want you to know because I hate it when people are doing things that aren't even accurate and I know you're not 'flirting' with him and all this jazz. But he just wanted to warn me in case E. Baker acts weird. So, it was slightly awkward.
But, I love you! And I'm so glad to be a missionary. I wrote a letter to Papa today. I bore my testimony on the importance of families and repentence. I just felt like I needed to. It was a prompting, and so I did it. And I had Hna. Pechin read it over to make sure it wasn't preachy and then I sealed it and it'll be in the mail tomorrow. I just figure, I'm going to be teaching people all the time with a lot less knowledge of the gospel and I carry that sacred calling and that mantle. It's my job to call people to repentence. NOW is the time to prepare to meet God and I KNOW He doesn't give us anything we can't handle. So, I guess we'll see. I don't expect to hear back from him, but I will keep doing my job.
But, I miss you all. I love you. I don't think there's anything else I need in my box in Kennewick. I'm so glad to be a missionary. I love this gospel and I know it's true with everything in me. My Savior LOVES me and everyone else. He knows me personally and wants what's best for me. The Atonement is SO real. And everyone needs to have the happiness in their life that this gospel brings.My time is up and I'll write next week. Not sure when after that, but you'll hear from me at the airport. I'll give you details in my next email. I LOVE YOU!
Hermana Pleshek

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Its dia de p! (It's P day)

Oh, man. I've got so much I want to say.This week has been one heck of a rollercoaster, that's for sure. It started off as a pretty good week. Hna. Lewis had her last day as our teacher on Saturday night and that was pretty hard because she's and I just love her and so did everyone else. So it was kind of distressing a little bit. And then Sunday I had more drama about previous things I've talked about in other emails and Monday was SO nuts! We met our new teacher and I'll admit I didn't like her straight off. Mainly because she judged our class right away and came in and told us all the things we were doing wrong and just tore us down. And it added onto all the other stress I'd had the previous days. So then our whole class just kind of was stressed out on Monday and my new zone leader that I got on Sunday [E Davis] basically came into our comp study and told me it was my fault that the whole class was mad at the new teacher and it was basically my fault. So that wasn't so great. And then Tuesday, I was stressing out about learning directions for the TRC [that's where we go and do this fake situation to teach and practice Spanish] and I just felt like a terrible missionary and just broke down right before the TRC task. So, I got a blessing and then I felt better. But then Hna. Stevens [our new teacher] said she wanted to talk to me and we had a good talk, so that helped a lot. But then, Elder Huff had to go to the E.R. because he's peeing blood and so I was worried about him and then I started worrying about everything else. BUT, everything is okay in the neighborhood.
I've been blessed more this week and gained a HUGE and BETTER testimony and understanding of the Atonement. More than I ever had had in my life. This gospel is so true and I've shed so many tears here in the last few days, that that just strengthens my knowledge that it's true. I wouldn't be going through all this if it wasn't. Satan wouldn't be working on me this hard if it wasn't. OH MY GOSH, I love being a missionary and a member of this church!

SO FUNNY STORY!!!! This is the thing that made my Sunday. So, fast Sunday, right? We all eat at around 5 and I see some newbies and I'm like OH SNAP! This is going to be SO much fun. So I go sit by them and I'm talking to them and I go HEY! Let's play the 'guess where I'm from' game. So I start and I look at this kid and I go huh...I know that name. Elder Munk. So I look at him and I'm like I know some Munks! They used to live in Utah and now they live in Stevens Point. I'm thinking at this point if I say Stevens Point, he'll know what I'm talking about if he knows the Munks I know. And he drops his fork and points and me and goes I KNOW YOU! And I'm like what? He goes THOSE ARE MY PARENTS! And I'm like I KNOW YOUR PARENTS!!! I LOVE YOUR PARENTS! And then he says YOUR DAD SET ME APART! I WAS AT YOUR HOUSE LIKE 3 DAYS AGO!! And we're both sitting at the table like yelling this to each other. And it was SO GREAT!!! I absolutely loved it! And now I see him all the time and I just go crazy because I'm like ELDER MUNK!!!! So, I should have guessed that he belonged to that family cause he looks just like them. But yeah, it was SO awesome! And he's going to be jealous cause his p-day is tomorrow and mine's today and so I get to email you and tell you first. Haha.

Another random fact for ya. I was playing volleyball the other day and I start talking to this kid and I'm like oh yeah, who are you? And he goes I'm Elder Osmond. And I look at him and I go 'Yeah? Like Donny Osmond?' and he just looks at me and goes 'That's my dad.' HA. So I totally talked to Donny Osmond's son. He's going to Denmark. At least I think so. He's speaking Dutch, that I do know. But he's a cool kid. It was fun playing with him.And, I did make the connection with Elizabeth Smart the other day at lunch. This was like 2 weeks at least ago, but she got in line behind me, so we started talking and I was like HEY! Do you know the Sharps? And she's like OH YEAH! So we talked about the Sharps and that was great.
So, everything here is going awesome. I went to the temple again today and it was SO SO SO fantastic! I'm so glad that I was able to go again. Oh, and we should have the names done really soon. The boy names will be done next week and the girl names in 2. So, that'll be exciting! It was just so good to go and just feel the peace and the relaxation that it always brings! The only thing that I really didn't appreciate was the couple making out in the Celestial room. UMM, HELLO!?! This is the temple! Yeah, they were engaged and I think she had just taken out her endowments, and that's why. But there was a lot of touching that should not have been going on. So I'm pretty much scarred for life. Thank you weird-o couple in the Celestial Room.

Wow, I had like 10 minutes left and I'm not even sure what I haven't said. I had so much to say, but I think for once I remembered it all. CRAZY! We got a new zone yesterday. That was really fun. OH! And I got to be a host missionary. Speaking of which, when does Kori Czappa come into the MTC? I was wondering about that the other day. Oh, so HOSTING is legit! I took this girl that's going to Washington Kennewick - English speaking. But she's originally from Ukraine. She was adopted about 5 years ago and has been living in Murray. So she's speaks Russian, but her English is so good. So, these elders in my zone find me and they're like Hermana Pleshek! She needs to go back to her room and get her stuff and we're not allowed to go with her, so will you take her? And I just look at this girl and I'm like Sure, why not? So, we're walking to their rooms and I'm talking to this girl and she's just looking at me and I'm like umm, okay...don't answer me, that's cool. But then Sister Garrett [my original sister] was like oh, she doesn't speak English. So, I'm so glad Sister Garrett was there to be my translator. Haha. It was funny though.
Oh, so you should ask the Barretts if they know an Elder McMullin. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's his name. I don't remember if I told you this or not, but he works in the R.C. now and it's a long story, but the short story is that he had a Liahona - the mission magazine thing and I was like oh, so you read the Liahona and he goes oh it's from my mission when I was in Wisconsin and I'm like NO WAY!!!! I'm from Wisconsin!!!! So, it was great. Anyways, AWESOME! Love making these connections. At the Christmas devotional, I sat next to all these kids and made connections. It's so great. I make them a lot, actually. I love what a small world the church is.

Okay, 6 minutes. Oh, so I got another letter from Aaron Allsop today. SO funny. I enjoy his letters so much and they just make my day. So, I'm going to have to write him back soon and be like AWESOME! Keep writing me because you are great! But, it was fun.
Tell me more about all these girls dating these losers. I think they need an email from me telling them not to waste their time. It wasn't too long ago that I dated those losers, too.

Oh, umm, I need my mission address. Cause I need to write Ryan and tell him it, so it to me, ASAP. And, oh send me a belt!! And send it in my bedding or something. I actually don't think there's anything else I need. I might send some things home before I leave here, but I'm not sure yet. We'll see how heavy my stuff is. Haha. I'm using a lot of it though and so I hope that my stuff won't be overweight.

P.S. I'm super pumped that I have about 2 and a half weeks left here. Although I'm scared out of my wits, too. YIKES!! I don't know if I know enough Spanish, but I do know that the Lord will provide and help me. And I definitely know that el don del lenguas [the gifts of tongues] is REAL!!!! I could never do what I'm doing now without the Lord's help. Man, he's a great guy!!! I sure do love Him!!!

Tell Michele that I love her and I put her on the prayer roll and she's in my prayers. I love that woman! She is amazing! And I love you! And everyone else and I miss you all!!! But, can't think of a place I'd rather be!!! :-D I love being a missionary. And I know I've told you that before, but I'll say it again! BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE BEST!!!! I love you and everyone else. Tell Tom we've got a bowling battle going down when I get back!!! Haha. Man, I'm so blessed to have you! Thank you for being my support and my rock, Mom. You're the best!!!! Anyways, until next Thursday.

Hermana Pleshek

Friday, January 1, 2010

This is going be a quick one because I've got crazy no time left. AHH!! That doesn't even make sense, pero, it's okay. P.S. pero means "but" in case you haven't figured that out yet. I try not to use Spanglish when I write letters, but that word always slips in somewhere.
Anyways, sounds like Christmas was FANTASTIC!!!! I almost started crying when I was reading about it, but then I remembered WAIT! I'm at the MTC and this is AWESOME!!! I just love the MTC. Plus, we had Neil L Anderson come speak to us on the 22nd and L. Tom Perry on the 25th and Greg Olsen too. And they were all LEGIT!!! I love how humble Greg Olsen is about his MASTERPIECES!!! It was just awesome! But anyways, sounds like everything went down real good.

We had a Christmas Eve devotional and that was so fun. We also had a talent show on Christmas which was dope, too. They let some guy play Wonderwall by Oasis on the acoustic guitar which was so funny! I was like HEY!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Yeah, so it's great.

P.S. can I just mention HOW much I really do love the MTC?!? But, it's way so much fun being here. I love all the spiritual stuff I get to experience. And I love the fact that I can teach the first and second lesson in Spanish. LEGIT! It's so great. I love all the tender mercies that happen and all the miracles. I think it's a miracle that I've got to listen to 1/3 of the apostles of my Savior speak. To me. I mean, everything they've said, I've needed to hear. Oh, sorry if things are spelled wrong. Spanish is totally screwing up all my English spellings. Gall. But anyways.
So one of my teachers is leaving. Saturday is her last day with our district and it's really sad because I love her and we were her first Hermanas and so she'll be really missed.

I've definitely had a week where I've learned patience. So Hna. Christensen got called as coordinating sister which I think is ridiculous since we're the only hermanas in our zone now. So she got called and we're all like OH NO! I feel power struggle coming on. So, Monday, I was going to the bathroom and we came out and she tells me my shirt is too tight. ANd I'm like what? I've been wearing this shirt for over a month now. And then she's like well maybe it's your skirt. And I just like didn't know what to say. I just looked at her like she was nuts and just asked her what she was talking about. I mean, if my outfit was immodest, don't you think this would have been addressed a month ago when I got here? So, that was interesting. And I mean, I just had no idea what to even say. I feel sometimes like I'm being mothered constantly and I mean, I just don't know what to do. But thank goodness for companionship inventory! Where we can work it all out and talk about it all. I just have to cool down before it otherwise I make it a personal attack and that's not what it's supposed to be. So, it's all well and good. But definitely a week to learn patience, that's for sure.

Umm, what else? OH MY GOSH! Danny (Biggest Loser) lost that much weight?! HOLY CRAP!!!! VACA SANTA!!! [Holy cow in Spanish.] I can't believe that. He always weighs much as I do. Haha. It's okay though, that's legit. Send me before and after pictures!!! I am SO interestsed to see what he looks like now.

Wow. Fullers must be prepping for weddings, eh? That's nuts. I want to know how Tina is holding up with all of this. I bet she's maybe freaking out? Well, maybe not so much that Joe is leaving soon. WEIRD!!! I mean, this is too weird for my little girl eyes. AHHH!!!

Cool about the holiday tournies!! WAY TO GO RYA!!! I'm glad to see that she's pulling it out. Speaking of basketball, I rock here. The MTC must have something about it, because really, I just do so much better here. But I'm sure that won't be the case for much longer after I leave and stop practicing every day. Newell would be proud to know that I'm keeping it up and giving the Elders a run for their money. P.S. tell that familia that I LOVE THEM!!!!! Oh man, I miss home.

Oh Tomas. And all his 'know' -s. That's so weird. How's the whole Paiser clan doing? Tiffany? Is she back home or just visiting? How was the Christmas party and Brett and Sue's? Haha. I love that you said Dad did some exercise on the toilet. Nice wording, Mother.

Man, I just love being a missionary. And I know I say that every week. But it's just so great. I'm super excited to share the gospel and to help others feel what this work is all about! I was attempting to read the Spanish BOM in 30 days, but now I've changed my goal to make it more effective with my language. I'm still going to try, but I don't think I'll make it. We have so many things to do and not enough time to do it. There's never enough time here at the MTC. And I'm scared to leave, but so excited at the same time.

THANK YOU for all my Christmas gifts! I loved them! Especially my Dunder Mifflan shirt. I've gotten more compliments on that shirt since I've worn it to bed. And today! I can wear it on P-days! Man, I miss the Office. Did Pam and Jim have their baby yet? OH MAN! BABYLON!!! I'll just put it in my Babylon book and wait another 18 months.

I got this letter from Alex today saying how he has 7 weeks left and I've been out for 7 weeks, so together we equal 2 years! Man, I miss him, too. The temple opens again on Monday. Which I'm so excited for!!!! I love the temple. Speaking of which, I was going to iron out my temple dress. Oh well, I will do it next week.

Well, my time is basically up. But I love all of you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed Christmas and all didn't die because of the roads! That's so great. And y'all are just the best and I love you!! Hey, who are our elders now? Oh yeah, sorry if my emails are the size of Mexico. Sometimes I just have a lot to say. It's ridiculous. Oh well, though. I take advantange of the time where I can write letters and they'll get to my familia immediately. Okay, for real I gotta go now. LOVE YOU!
Hermana Pleshek
P.S. i met some girl from GB on Sunday. IT WAS LEGIT!!! and we knew all the same people. She knew Dave and Sara and Kurt and Lori and Stefie. Oh man, it was so great. JUST LIKE HOME!!! :-) Anyways, I love you!!! Talk to you next week!!!!!!