Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010

Okay, so I'm really excited right now and do you want to know why?!? We just got our flight plans in the mail!!! We don't actually have them in our hands yet, but we'll be getting them tonight so I'll be sure and let you know when I get to call and all that jazz. PLUS, I bought a calling card today for about 5 dollars that has 500 minutes on it!!! So, I'll get to use that when I call home. Pretty sure I'll be flying in the morning and if that's the case, just know that I don't care what time it is, I WILL BE CALLING. Even if it is at 3 in the morning. And you should probably me Clare and Clint's phone number so I can call them, too. If they're not at our house this week.
WOW!! Such a great week! It's been a crazy one, but definitely better than last week. Everything is just falling into place and I love it. I got about 6 letters written today and that was really exciting because I don't usually get that many done. We got all our boy names done at the temple today and I have one girl left for next week and I'll mail those out next week...when I only have 5 days left here at the MTC!!! WOAH! I can't believe that it's here! It's coming so soon. 12 days. That's nuts!

Okay, so we had L. Tom Perry come and talk to us again on Tuesday and it was awesome. He basically taught us - the missionaries - the first lesson. So amazing! And he said something in his talk that struck me. And he said that we need to re-evaluate our testimonies and I was just like what?! I'm a missionary. My testimony is why I'm here. I bear my testimony a million times a day. Re-evaluate? So, I've just been going through my lessons and after each principle, re-evaluating my testimony on that. So legit!
I also had some fun stuff happen with my companion. On Monday, Hna. Pechin and E. Nilsson had a cranberry juice drinking contest to see who could drink the most. Of course, Hna. Pechin was in the double digits when she starts coughing just a little bit. And a little bit more. Soon enough, there's puke all over the floor. And I just get up and basically run away cause I was feeling it coming too. OH MY GOSH! My husband is going to not like me when it comes to puke. Sure, give me anything else, I can handle it. Puke, no thank you. But, it was interesting that's for sure.
As of Wednesday, we're officially the oldest district in the zone! And it's crazy. We got a new district on Wednesday, but I still haven't met them yet. But the new district we got last week I absolutely love. I LOVE THEM. They're just amazing elders! I told them that I just wanted to keep them with me all the time. Now everytime they see me they call themselves my beanie babies. Haha. It's funny.
Oh, something else that was legit. We had Elaine Dalton come and speak to us again on Sunday. And we got to meet her! She hugged me and told me I was beautiful and it was so great. I absolutely love her. She's amazing. Okay, so today in the temple, Elder Huff told me that the guy checking one of our family names was like 'Oh Gresham, my daughter lives in Gresham.' So do we know anyone whose Dad works at the Provo temple? It's irritating because I have no idea how it is and it's just bugging. But oh well.

OH MY GOSH! I stinking love those pictures of B. And Cami and I. Well, I guess Cami and herself. That's so funny. We do look a lot alike. But Hna. Pechin wants Clare to mail Adam out here for just a little while so we can play with him. Cami, too. Haha.Oh, tell Erin that there's an Elder in my district that wants her to write him. Haha. I had her package out and was showing everyone how awesome my family was and how cute my niece and nephew are and then they're all like is that your sister? She looks just like you! And E. Davis thinks Erin's really cute, so he wants her to write him. Haha. I promise he won't be creepy. Haha. But he's a good guy so she should just write him once just so he feels good. Haha. Oh crap, there was something else that I wanted to say...umm...I don't remember.
Haha, of course my version of how Elder Munk and I met is a lot more detailed. He's a boy. Haha. I mean, an Elder. But everytime I see him I just scream out his name and he's so funny. He just blushes and is like Hey Hna. Pleshek. Haha. But he always talks to me and it's funny.
OH, so get this. We have these elders in our building right? And we taught them like the second week we were here. So they're our buddies. E. Baker and E. Cherry. So, we taught them again because they wanted us to and we're all leaving. So we teach them the other day and afterwards, E. Cherry is like Hna. Pleshek, I have a spiritual thought for you. It's just for you. And I'm like what the heck? Okay. So, he proceeds to tell me that the Elders in his district make fun of E. Baker because everytime I see him, I talk to him and ask him how it's going - you know - being his friend. So, anyways, he's like they tease him about you and call you Hna. Diablo [Sister Devil] and all this stuff and I'm like why are you telling me this? But he's like I just want you to know because I hate it when people are doing things that aren't even accurate and I know you're not 'flirting' with him and all this jazz. But he just wanted to warn me in case E. Baker acts weird. So, it was slightly awkward.
But, I love you! And I'm so glad to be a missionary. I wrote a letter to Papa today. I bore my testimony on the importance of families and repentence. I just felt like I needed to. It was a prompting, and so I did it. And I had Hna. Pechin read it over to make sure it wasn't preachy and then I sealed it and it'll be in the mail tomorrow. I just figure, I'm going to be teaching people all the time with a lot less knowledge of the gospel and I carry that sacred calling and that mantle. It's my job to call people to repentence. NOW is the time to prepare to meet God and I KNOW He doesn't give us anything we can't handle. So, I guess we'll see. I don't expect to hear back from him, but I will keep doing my job.
But, I miss you all. I love you. I don't think there's anything else I need in my box in Kennewick. I'm so glad to be a missionary. I love this gospel and I know it's true with everything in me. My Savior LOVES me and everyone else. He knows me personally and wants what's best for me. The Atonement is SO real. And everyone needs to have the happiness in their life that this gospel brings.My time is up and I'll write next week. Not sure when after that, but you'll hear from me at the airport. I'll give you details in my next email. I LOVE YOU!
Hermana Pleshek

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