Friday, January 1, 2010

This is going be a quick one because I've got crazy no time left. AHH!! That doesn't even make sense, pero, it's okay. P.S. pero means "but" in case you haven't figured that out yet. I try not to use Spanglish when I write letters, but that word always slips in somewhere.
Anyways, sounds like Christmas was FANTASTIC!!!! I almost started crying when I was reading about it, but then I remembered WAIT! I'm at the MTC and this is AWESOME!!! I just love the MTC. Plus, we had Neil L Anderson come speak to us on the 22nd and L. Tom Perry on the 25th and Greg Olsen too. And they were all LEGIT!!! I love how humble Greg Olsen is about his MASTERPIECES!!! It was just awesome! But anyways, sounds like everything went down real good.

We had a Christmas Eve devotional and that was so fun. We also had a talent show on Christmas which was dope, too. They let some guy play Wonderwall by Oasis on the acoustic guitar which was so funny! I was like HEY!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Yeah, so it's great.

P.S. can I just mention HOW much I really do love the MTC?!? But, it's way so much fun being here. I love all the spiritual stuff I get to experience. And I love the fact that I can teach the first and second lesson in Spanish. LEGIT! It's so great. I love all the tender mercies that happen and all the miracles. I think it's a miracle that I've got to listen to 1/3 of the apostles of my Savior speak. To me. I mean, everything they've said, I've needed to hear. Oh, sorry if things are spelled wrong. Spanish is totally screwing up all my English spellings. Gall. But anyways.
So one of my teachers is leaving. Saturday is her last day with our district and it's really sad because I love her and we were her first Hermanas and so she'll be really missed.

I've definitely had a week where I've learned patience. So Hna. Christensen got called as coordinating sister which I think is ridiculous since we're the only hermanas in our zone now. So she got called and we're all like OH NO! I feel power struggle coming on. So, Monday, I was going to the bathroom and we came out and she tells me my shirt is too tight. ANd I'm like what? I've been wearing this shirt for over a month now. And then she's like well maybe it's your skirt. And I just like didn't know what to say. I just looked at her like she was nuts and just asked her what she was talking about. I mean, if my outfit was immodest, don't you think this would have been addressed a month ago when I got here? So, that was interesting. And I mean, I just had no idea what to even say. I feel sometimes like I'm being mothered constantly and I mean, I just don't know what to do. But thank goodness for companionship inventory! Where we can work it all out and talk about it all. I just have to cool down before it otherwise I make it a personal attack and that's not what it's supposed to be. So, it's all well and good. But definitely a week to learn patience, that's for sure.

Umm, what else? OH MY GOSH! Danny (Biggest Loser) lost that much weight?! HOLY CRAP!!!! VACA SANTA!!! [Holy cow in Spanish.] I can't believe that. He always weighs much as I do. Haha. It's okay though, that's legit. Send me before and after pictures!!! I am SO interestsed to see what he looks like now.

Wow. Fullers must be prepping for weddings, eh? That's nuts. I want to know how Tina is holding up with all of this. I bet she's maybe freaking out? Well, maybe not so much that Joe is leaving soon. WEIRD!!! I mean, this is too weird for my little girl eyes. AHHH!!!

Cool about the holiday tournies!! WAY TO GO RYA!!! I'm glad to see that she's pulling it out. Speaking of basketball, I rock here. The MTC must have something about it, because really, I just do so much better here. But I'm sure that won't be the case for much longer after I leave and stop practicing every day. Newell would be proud to know that I'm keeping it up and giving the Elders a run for their money. P.S. tell that familia that I LOVE THEM!!!!! Oh man, I miss home.

Oh Tomas. And all his 'know' -s. That's so weird. How's the whole Paiser clan doing? Tiffany? Is she back home or just visiting? How was the Christmas party and Brett and Sue's? Haha. I love that you said Dad did some exercise on the toilet. Nice wording, Mother.

Man, I just love being a missionary. And I know I say that every week. But it's just so great. I'm super excited to share the gospel and to help others feel what this work is all about! I was attempting to read the Spanish BOM in 30 days, but now I've changed my goal to make it more effective with my language. I'm still going to try, but I don't think I'll make it. We have so many things to do and not enough time to do it. There's never enough time here at the MTC. And I'm scared to leave, but so excited at the same time.

THANK YOU for all my Christmas gifts! I loved them! Especially my Dunder Mifflan shirt. I've gotten more compliments on that shirt since I've worn it to bed. And today! I can wear it on P-days! Man, I miss the Office. Did Pam and Jim have their baby yet? OH MAN! BABYLON!!! I'll just put it in my Babylon book and wait another 18 months.

I got this letter from Alex today saying how he has 7 weeks left and I've been out for 7 weeks, so together we equal 2 years! Man, I miss him, too. The temple opens again on Monday. Which I'm so excited for!!!! I love the temple. Speaking of which, I was going to iron out my temple dress. Oh well, I will do it next week.

Well, my time is basically up. But I love all of you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed Christmas and all didn't die because of the roads! That's so great. And y'all are just the best and I love you!! Hey, who are our elders now? Oh yeah, sorry if my emails are the size of Mexico. Sometimes I just have a lot to say. It's ridiculous. Oh well, though. I take advantange of the time where I can write letters and they'll get to my familia immediately. Okay, for real I gotta go now. LOVE YOU!
Hermana Pleshek
P.S. i met some girl from GB on Sunday. IT WAS LEGIT!!! and we knew all the same people. She knew Dave and Sara and Kurt and Lori and Stefie. Oh man, it was so great. JUST LIKE HOME!!! :-) Anyways, I love you!!! Talk to you next week!!!!!!

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