Thursday, January 7, 2010

Its dia de p! (It's P day)

Oh, man. I've got so much I want to say.This week has been one heck of a rollercoaster, that's for sure. It started off as a pretty good week. Hna. Lewis had her last day as our teacher on Saturday night and that was pretty hard because she's and I just love her and so did everyone else. So it was kind of distressing a little bit. And then Sunday I had more drama about previous things I've talked about in other emails and Monday was SO nuts! We met our new teacher and I'll admit I didn't like her straight off. Mainly because she judged our class right away and came in and told us all the things we were doing wrong and just tore us down. And it added onto all the other stress I'd had the previous days. So then our whole class just kind of was stressed out on Monday and my new zone leader that I got on Sunday [E Davis] basically came into our comp study and told me it was my fault that the whole class was mad at the new teacher and it was basically my fault. So that wasn't so great. And then Tuesday, I was stressing out about learning directions for the TRC [that's where we go and do this fake situation to teach and practice Spanish] and I just felt like a terrible missionary and just broke down right before the TRC task. So, I got a blessing and then I felt better. But then Hna. Stevens [our new teacher] said she wanted to talk to me and we had a good talk, so that helped a lot. But then, Elder Huff had to go to the E.R. because he's peeing blood and so I was worried about him and then I started worrying about everything else. BUT, everything is okay in the neighborhood.
I've been blessed more this week and gained a HUGE and BETTER testimony and understanding of the Atonement. More than I ever had had in my life. This gospel is so true and I've shed so many tears here in the last few days, that that just strengthens my knowledge that it's true. I wouldn't be going through all this if it wasn't. Satan wouldn't be working on me this hard if it wasn't. OH MY GOSH, I love being a missionary and a member of this church!

SO FUNNY STORY!!!! This is the thing that made my Sunday. So, fast Sunday, right? We all eat at around 5 and I see some newbies and I'm like OH SNAP! This is going to be SO much fun. So I go sit by them and I'm talking to them and I go HEY! Let's play the 'guess where I'm from' game. So I start and I look at this kid and I go huh...I know that name. Elder Munk. So I look at him and I'm like I know some Munks! They used to live in Utah and now they live in Stevens Point. I'm thinking at this point if I say Stevens Point, he'll know what I'm talking about if he knows the Munks I know. And he drops his fork and points and me and goes I KNOW YOU! And I'm like what? He goes THOSE ARE MY PARENTS! And I'm like I KNOW YOUR PARENTS!!! I LOVE YOUR PARENTS! And then he says YOUR DAD SET ME APART! I WAS AT YOUR HOUSE LIKE 3 DAYS AGO!! And we're both sitting at the table like yelling this to each other. And it was SO GREAT!!! I absolutely loved it! And now I see him all the time and I just go crazy because I'm like ELDER MUNK!!!! So, I should have guessed that he belonged to that family cause he looks just like them. But yeah, it was SO awesome! And he's going to be jealous cause his p-day is tomorrow and mine's today and so I get to email you and tell you first. Haha.

Another random fact for ya. I was playing volleyball the other day and I start talking to this kid and I'm like oh yeah, who are you? And he goes I'm Elder Osmond. And I look at him and I go 'Yeah? Like Donny Osmond?' and he just looks at me and goes 'That's my dad.' HA. So I totally talked to Donny Osmond's son. He's going to Denmark. At least I think so. He's speaking Dutch, that I do know. But he's a cool kid. It was fun playing with him.And, I did make the connection with Elizabeth Smart the other day at lunch. This was like 2 weeks at least ago, but she got in line behind me, so we started talking and I was like HEY! Do you know the Sharps? And she's like OH YEAH! So we talked about the Sharps and that was great.
So, everything here is going awesome. I went to the temple again today and it was SO SO SO fantastic! I'm so glad that I was able to go again. Oh, and we should have the names done really soon. The boy names will be done next week and the girl names in 2. So, that'll be exciting! It was just so good to go and just feel the peace and the relaxation that it always brings! The only thing that I really didn't appreciate was the couple making out in the Celestial room. UMM, HELLO!?! This is the temple! Yeah, they were engaged and I think she had just taken out her endowments, and that's why. But there was a lot of touching that should not have been going on. So I'm pretty much scarred for life. Thank you weird-o couple in the Celestial Room.

Wow, I had like 10 minutes left and I'm not even sure what I haven't said. I had so much to say, but I think for once I remembered it all. CRAZY! We got a new zone yesterday. That was really fun. OH! And I got to be a host missionary. Speaking of which, when does Kori Czappa come into the MTC? I was wondering about that the other day. Oh, so HOSTING is legit! I took this girl that's going to Washington Kennewick - English speaking. But she's originally from Ukraine. She was adopted about 5 years ago and has been living in Murray. So she's speaks Russian, but her English is so good. So, these elders in my zone find me and they're like Hermana Pleshek! She needs to go back to her room and get her stuff and we're not allowed to go with her, so will you take her? And I just look at this girl and I'm like Sure, why not? So, we're walking to their rooms and I'm talking to this girl and she's just looking at me and I'm like umm, okay...don't answer me, that's cool. But then Sister Garrett [my original sister] was like oh, she doesn't speak English. So, I'm so glad Sister Garrett was there to be my translator. Haha. It was funny though.
Oh, so you should ask the Barretts if they know an Elder McMullin. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's his name. I don't remember if I told you this or not, but he works in the R.C. now and it's a long story, but the short story is that he had a Liahona - the mission magazine thing and I was like oh, so you read the Liahona and he goes oh it's from my mission when I was in Wisconsin and I'm like NO WAY!!!! I'm from Wisconsin!!!! So, it was great. Anyways, AWESOME! Love making these connections. At the Christmas devotional, I sat next to all these kids and made connections. It's so great. I make them a lot, actually. I love what a small world the church is.

Okay, 6 minutes. Oh, so I got another letter from Aaron Allsop today. SO funny. I enjoy his letters so much and they just make my day. So, I'm going to have to write him back soon and be like AWESOME! Keep writing me because you are great! But, it was fun.
Tell me more about all these girls dating these losers. I think they need an email from me telling them not to waste their time. It wasn't too long ago that I dated those losers, too.

Oh, umm, I need my mission address. Cause I need to write Ryan and tell him it, so it to me, ASAP. And, oh send me a belt!! And send it in my bedding or something. I actually don't think there's anything else I need. I might send some things home before I leave here, but I'm not sure yet. We'll see how heavy my stuff is. Haha. I'm using a lot of it though and so I hope that my stuff won't be overweight.

P.S. I'm super pumped that I have about 2 and a half weeks left here. Although I'm scared out of my wits, too. YIKES!! I don't know if I know enough Spanish, but I do know that the Lord will provide and help me. And I definitely know that el don del lenguas [the gifts of tongues] is REAL!!!! I could never do what I'm doing now without the Lord's help. Man, he's a great guy!!! I sure do love Him!!!

Tell Michele that I love her and I put her on the prayer roll and she's in my prayers. I love that woman! She is amazing! And I love you! And everyone else and I miss you all!!! But, can't think of a place I'd rather be!!! :-D I love being a missionary. And I know I've told you that before, but I'll say it again! BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE BEST!!!! I love you and everyone else. Tell Tom we've got a bowling battle going down when I get back!!! Haha. Man, I'm so blessed to have you! Thank you for being my support and my rock, Mom. You're the best!!!! Anyways, until next Thursday.

Hermana Pleshek

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