Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happy Anniversary to you Mom and Dad!

This post will be really short this week, but I'd like to do it with pictures...at least the ones I have. We didn't quite have the eventful week we had last week [hospital visit, etc.], but we have put some people on date to be baptized at the end of the month and that's awesome.

One of the member's in the branch - their dog had puppies right before Christmas and we went over to their house to eat and I got to play with them. This one, I named after myself. Haha. Despite the fact that it's a boy. It's name is still Hna. Pleshek. Hna. Kendell got to hold one for a little bit too...but didn't for very long because of the allergic business and the fact that last week, the dogs weren't too fond of her. But her finger is better now! =)

The other day we went out walking. We were going to walk to a lady in the ward's house. The RS president asked if we would go see her and we never catch her home, so we decided to try and walk. After she wasn't home, we decided to walk to a ward missionary's house...which wasn't too far up the road...or so we thought. We ended up walking about 7 miles that day. And let me tell you, my feet and my legs sure were feeling it the next day.

Our RS president in the ward gave us these mafia coats...yeah. They're warm and made out of wool, but we feel like we're going to drown in them. It's okay though. I hid 2 children in them on Sunday. It was really funny. But I'm super grateful for the warm coat after the snow we got the other day and the snow we will get.

Yesterday, it was a less active's birthday. And his favorite movie is the Little Mermaid and so we made him a cake. It was the only thing he got for his birthday and after we surprised him with that, we sang some Little Mermaid songs to him. He told us we sang exactly like Ariel. Haha. It was awesome though. Hna. Kendell and I just had a BLAST making that cake and it was pretty good. It was all from scratch and it tasted pretty good.

We had a pretty productive night and week and it's just a blast being with Hna. Kendell. The work is moving and the members are great! I love being a missionary! I love you all and thanks for everything you do for me!!

Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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