Wednesday, February 9, 2011

8 Feb 2011

Oh Mom.
What an email I have for you this week. I'm writing you first so I don't get all distracted and frustrated because I'll get sick of writing emails right away. I think an hour isn't long enough to email, but I'd rather have my hour spread apart in different section so I don't get too sick of the computer and email. Yikes. I never thought I would say that. Anyways.
Last Tuesday was crazy! I spent 5 hours in the hospital with Heather. Sister Kendell and I got a call from her that morning just as we were leaving and she asked us if we could take her to the ER. We can't because we can't take anyone in our car, so we called a member and she thankfully took her. And we all spent some time with her there. She didn't leave until a few hours after we had left, but they got her medicine changed and she's doing a lot better! We also had an awesome lesson with Juanita that night. It was super! And to top the night off, we walked in on Heather fighting with her daughter's father on the phone. It was really uncomfortable, and so we left. We called her and told her we would come tomorrow, but she insisted we came over that night. When we got there, she was crying and had punched the wall and it was just nuts. Perfect time to talk about the Atonement. I just love that no matter what, that subject ALWAYS applies to what we do.
Wednesday, we had a loong district meeting. We had this thing the elders wanted to do...yeah, it was weird. But, whatever, we did it anyways. We were at the church super early at their request and then we waited forever to start the meeting. Finally, we just decided to start without them. We opened with a prayer and a song and then I did some training. I was in the middle of it when all the elders walked in on us and they just looked at us in a state of shock. It was pretty funny, but then I just let them take it away. It was really funny to see the look on their faces. But, the day just kind of dragged on and wasn't the best. We felt sick after the meeting because it was Sister Stewart's birthday and the elders had made us play these weird games....I don't even know. But we were both sick because we had just eaten junk. And that doesn't put you in the best mood. We had this appointment with Jacobe and Sister Kendell said that if he cancelled, she just might cry. We walked into his house and he was like oh shoot, I forgot. Can we do it a different day. I almost burst into tears, but just started laughing and said that it was cool. And then all of our appointments cancelled on us pretty much for that day. So, despite ourselves, we decided to tract. We did and even though we didn't really have any success, we saw the blessing of it later that night. We had an AWESOME night and one of our investigators texted us out of the blue saying that he missed us and wanted to meet with us again and that he would be in church on Sunday. I know that was a direct blessing of us being obedient.
Thursday, we walked into Moxee again. We had some awesome lessons with Jacobe and Sister Carlton, a less active. We also had a super lesson with Heather and since our dinner cancelled, we ate with some members of the ward. They are awesome! And then the funniest thing that happened was probably our lesson that night with a 14 year old named Aramis. Our WML came with us cause his son is friends with Aramis. And we were teaching about the Word of Wisdom and then about the feelings of the Holy Ghost. While we're teaching his mom comes in and he starts explaining to her what we're talking about and says 'Yeah, and it's a burning in your gizzard.' and I about peed my pants. Seriously. It was ridiculous, but SOOO funny! That kid is funny!
Friday was the day where we were persecuted for being righteous. It was hard, but after some prayer and hymns, we had a great weekly planning session. But both Sister Kendell and I felt like we were living in the BOM days like in the story of the Tree Of Life where those who are trying to do right are laughed at, mocked, and persecuted by those who SHOULD be doing right. Yeah. Lame. We had a good day though and there was a little surprise party that one of the elders organized for those missionaries leaving. It was low key and neither of us wanted to go, but we did to show that we loved them. It helped relieve us after a REALLY intense lesson that we had with Emy and Miguel. But, great day!
Saturday, we had a baptism in the branch. One of the little girls got baptized and it was awesome. We had a crazy busy day and it was just...nuts! But, awesome. We didn't even have time to eat dinner because we were just running around from lesson to lesson and just all over. So great to have days where you just crash afterwards. We also were supposed to get transfer calls, but didn't. And that was distracting as well. BEESH!
Sunday morning came pretty early. We got a text from Jacobe like 3 minutes after we woke up saying that he wasn't coming to church. We've been trying to stress the importance of church and such and it has hopefully been semi working. Anyways, we told him it was his loss and that we hope to see him before one of us left. And then he told us not to make him feel bad. I said I wasn't trying to, but just saying it like it was. Then he went on this whole tangent about how he has faith and whoever thinks he doesn't is wrong and he still believes in the teaching of the Church and I just told him that faith is an action word and if you don't use it, it's going to leave. And how Satan is trying to get him. Anyways, we left it at that and I was kind of irratated a little bit. But we went to our meeting and then after church had started, I looked back and in the overflow, Jacobe was walking in. It was a miracle! He told his dad that he wasn't going to Seattle and came to church instead. AWESOME! It taught me a great lesson to NEVER make exceptions for not going to church. It's such an easy habit to getting into and then you become inactive. That's the trend I've seen with most of the less actives. They skip one week and then the next and then they're inactive and out of the habit. We also had an awesome lesson with a lady named Cindy. She told us she wanted to read the Book of Mormon, but didn't understand it so she wanted us to come read it with her. She's awesome! But, we had a great lesson with her and gave her a seminary manual to help her understand it more. She loved it!
Yesterday, we had an AWESOME day. Sister Kendell and I got transfer calls at about 10 a.m. and it was hilarious. They're reading it off and we're just sitting there together, holding hands. And then they finish, and we're like....wait! Our names weren't called. And we start screaming!!! The Mitchells were like what happened? Brother Mitchell heard us in the garage. Haha. But, we went to work and just had a great day. We did SO much. We helped a lady paint for about 2-ish hours, which, really was awesome to see her. She's been struggling and just needed some friends. And we taught a lesson to a lady named JoAnn and she had some doubts about the Sabbath and polygamy. And when we explained, she understood and thought it was awesome! We had a fabulous dinner with someone from the ward and our night was filled with the Spirit leading us. So great!
Anyways, this is a HUGE letter and it's taken forever to write. But I love you all! Thank you for all you do! You're the best! And I'm so glad I'm staying here with Sister Kendell. We had a work here to do together and it's very obvious to us that this is right. I love you and I miss you!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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