Thursday, May 20, 2010

19 May 2010

Well, sorry I'm kind of a slacker and didn't email last week. It was a crazy day and I thought that since I had talked to you guys on Sunday, it wasn't a huge deal. Not a whole lot more happened since then, so I didn't think you'd mind all that much. What happened was we decided to go on a hike to Punch Bowl Falls. It's a really pretty hike and has a ton of waterfalls. It's a huge hike, but it was so much fun. We left really early in the morning for that and hiked all day long. About 6.6 miles. Not to mention the 40 feet we climbed up the side of the mountain. One of the elders thought it would be wise to climb the side of the mountain that had virtually a vertical steep side. Yeah, so we did it. And we were in front of all the elders, but one, so just in case we fell, they would catch us. Ha! There's no way that anyone would have been caught. We would have all gone down the side of the mountain. Elder Montoya had to grab my feet like 5 times because I was climbing and slipping in just wet dirt. [Didn't help that it rained that morning.] But yeah, so we did that. And it was fun and really pretty, but I think I've got my fill on the hiking front. We didn't get back from that til about 5 and we had an appointment then, so I didn't really get to email anyone last week.

Saturday we had a baptism! That was really exciting. Mario Botello got baptized and it was a really great service! We have a lot of fun teaching him and he's really excited about it all. He's a really cool guy and I'm glad that I was there to be one of his many missionaries that helped teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, I got this email today from an elder that was in my zone in the MTC. He's serving in Argentina. I'm just on his regular email list, so I get the weekly emails. But anyways, I was reading about how he got emergency transferred because 3 new missionaries came in and they needed his companion to train. So he's talking about his adventures getting transferred and then he's like 'Yeah and my new companion Elder Huckbody' and I was just like WAIT, WHAT? Hold the phone. Yeah, David Huckbody is companions with Elder Matt Moore who was in my MTC zone. And I think that's hilarious! I was super excited and just started to laugh. The world is SO small...especially in the Church. And it was really cool to see that.

Yesterday, we had Spanish Conference and that's why my p-day is today and not yesterday. So, we had Spanish Conference yesterday and that was really good. We had some really amazing speakers and I enjoyed most of it. The only part I wasn't fond of was towards then end when one of the speakers just lectured us and lectured us. I was getting really irritated because I was just like 'Okay, I get it. I can do better on my Spanish.' But who can't? It's a challange to speak Spanish in the states because you have to discipline yourself to do so. We're not immersed in it like other Spanish speaking missionaries are in other countries. So, it was really frustrating.

Sounds like everything is going wonderful at home. And YAY for Amy being married! I definitely want an invite for her wedding! Haha. I wish I could go, but I love her and I'm so excited for her! She's going to be an amazing wife! She's already an amazing person! And YAY for Lyssa having her baby. I bet he's just cute! But, that's cool that Lex and Evan got to go with him. They're in Chicago? That's fun. Closer to Kurt. I bet he's enjoyed that! Especially since he gets to be near his new grandson.

Well, we've got a fun filled day ahead of us. We're going to hang out - just us Spanish missionaries and go mini-golfing or something. It'll be really fun because we're the only ones with p-day today. WOOT! But, I love you all and thanks for always emailing and supporting me.

Con mucho amor,

Hna. Pleshek

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