Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 Jul 2010

This photo is the Vancouver West zone with President and Sister Greer.

Always so many things to write and not enough time to do so. Ugh. But we'll start with first things first.

So, I already sent you a picture of my zone and the Greers. Mom, she's precious. I love Sister Greer. It was weird hearing from them because it just felt like they were visiting from the 70 and that they'd make their debut and leave. But they're here. And it'll take some getting used to, but I'm excited for them. The transition was so smooth. Nothing was ruffled and it was just...lovely. But, the missionary department has made a lot of changes. I'm not sure if this is international or just in the U.S., but there have been changes. Zone meetings and interviews are now quarterly instead of every transfer. We have 8 more lessons to learn as missionaries, but they're for us and not our investigators. For the sisters, the skirt line has been raised and we can now have shorter skirts. They need to cover our knees when we sit, but if they do that, then they're good! We also can wear open toed shoes. And ready for this...NO MORE NYLONS! The only thing we need to wear nylons for is for ordinances, so sacrament meetings and baptisms and stuff. But other than that, it's free air! And we there's no more color restrictions. If I want to wear lime green, I can! =) But, that's just an update on that.

On the 1st, Elder Arnold had his birthday and we threw a surprise party for him at the Churches. We [the whole district] hid in the closet and when they came in, we jumped out and yelled surprise. It was all sorts of fun and we had an absolute blast putting it on for him. Oh man, it was his last birthday here on the mission and I think he really loved it. I would have if I was him. Haha.

We also celebrated the 3rd of July at the Hibbards. We went out to see some people in Washougal and just made our way to their house that night. They roasted a pig and it was SO good! Oh my gosh. I ate the nose. Haha. Somehow, some people thought I should eat it. I took a bite of it and it was NASTY! I'll never do that again. Haha. If I hadn't known it was the nose, I probably wouldn't have eaten it. But I did. And it was bad. Haha. But, it was just so much fun and there were lots of other Elders there that I didn't really know too well and now, we're all buddies. We also got a new investigator out of it all, so it helped that we were still doing missionary work while enjoying ourselves.

On the 3rd, my compa and I spent some time with the Reschke's. They're a white family in the branch since the parents both speak Spanish. But we went strawberry picking in our skirts and that was really exciting. We also ate at their house on Sunday. It was fun to have American food for the 4th. But they sure did take care of us this weekend and I appreciate it.

We had an awesome day yesterday! Everything seemed to work out just as we planned and we taught some amazing lessons! I think Heavenly Father blesses his missionaries with good Monday's so then when it comes to the rest of the week, we're still pumped up and ready to go! WOOT WOOT! But, yeah. This p-day is going to be exciting. It's one of our last before the transfer. Transfers are a week from tomorrow and I feel like both my companion and I are staying. Of course, I'll do what the Lord needs, and I still am sort of scared for phone calls, but I feel like there's so much more for me to do here with her. I think we'll be okay. But of course, I'll let you know next week what happens! Haha.

I love you! And I'm sorry that this is short. But, life is crazy as a missionary. Thank you for all you do for me and I love you all!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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