Tuesday, June 29, 2010

29 Jun 2010

Dear Mom,
So this has been an amazing week! To say the least. It sounds like all is well at home and things are going good. That's what every missionary loves to hear. I'm glad that I'm always excited to check my email because there will be good things on it instead of depressing things. A lot of missionaries hate p-days because their companions always get sad emails from home about how things are falling apart. I'm glad that I don't get any sorts of that stuff.
And this email is going to be short. As always. The time just slips away and I have no idea where it goes! But, we've had some bomb things happen this week. We had Dance Festival and that was amazing! I can't even describe to you how awesome it was! I don't have enough time for that. BUt it was legit and I cried and felt the Spirit and was uplifted just as much as the youth were! It was so awesome! I saw the Dobberfuhl's there. All 4 boys were in it, but I didn't manage to see one. Probably because there were also 2000 youth there and that's a buttload of kids.
Haha, so last Wednesday, we met this lady and her name is Lois and she's old. Haha. She's so funny. She was talking to us and we were helping her and her granddaughter pick weeds. So funny, I've gotten really good at that since my mission. But she was talking to me about how it wasn't safe to leave the country and how there were too many foreigners here in the United States. I just laughed to myself because I was like 'if she only knew that I work with mainly Hispanics, she probably wouldn't have said that'. Anyways, she was funny and I hope we get to help her again. Also, her dog ate my bubble gum.
So, here's something that was nuts! It happened yesterday right after our district meeting. A family in our branch just had a baby and so we were taking a card over to them, but they weren't home. We had called them earlier and they told us they probably would be really busy, but we went anyways. We left the card in their door and all of a sudden, there were all these chickens squaking, so I was like, 'hey, let's go look at their chickens'. Yeah, it's kind of creepy, but I decided that it wouldn't hurt since they weren't home. We go back there and there's a dog in the chicken coop. So, we call Brother Woodland and Hna. Kendell is like 'so, there's a dog in your coop and is he supposed to be there?' and Brother Woodland told us they didn't have a dog. So, we chased the dog out and called the Elders to help us catch all these chickens. There were about 24 chickens and we got about 20 of them. 2 got eaten and I'm not sure what happened to the other two. MIA, I guess. But, either way. I learned how to catch a chicken and put it back in it's pen, thanks to Elder Arnold. I had no idea that he even knew how to catch chickens until yesterday. And I'm glad that he did, because neither Hna. Kendell or I knew how to catch them and we probably wouldn't have gotten like any back into the coop. Thank goodness for Elders, right?
So, we got a new mission president yesterday. And, so Hna. Kendell and I called Sister Greer and we welcomed her to the mission. It was nuts, because in the 5 minute conversation all 3 of us had, I felt this instant connection and I'm so excited to meet them both. We get to meet them on Friday and I'm super excited for it!
But, that's all the time I have. I love you all and will email you again next week!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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