Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 Jun 2010

Hola Familia!

I'm always super pressed for time and so, I've started making lists to make sure the emails are always packed with something good to tell you all. Well, we've had a lot happen this week! It's been insane! I can't believe another week has already come and gone! YIKES!

So, we had this big trip over to Kennewick on Thursday because President called me like the day after I got with Hna. Kendell and was like 'Sister Pleshek, I want you to organize this trip for all the sisters in Vancouver to get to Kennewick and I want you and Sister Ulrich to drive' and I'm like sure President, anything you say. So we all went over there for this devotional thing and it was amazing! Hna. Kendell and I didn't bring blankets along [we wouldn't have had room for them anyways with all the stuff Sister Neff and Allred brought. But it's okay], so I just figured I'd talk to the Chandias and see if we could get stuff from them. We went over there on Thursday night and Sister Snapp and Lippard were with us and so it was just fun to see them all again! The best thing about the night was when I ran into the living room and I saw Elizabeth, we just hugged and she was just crying. It was so tender. I missed them all and it was like coming home again! =) All of the Hermanas stayed at the apartment in Kennewick and that was so weird...to be back where I used to live. AHH! It was insane! So Friday, Brother Cabbage gave us this devotional about becoming who we are meant to be and it was just...oh. So amazing! He talked about how you can have the connection or control with your companion. I just looked around the room and grabbed my companion and whispered: I'm so glad that you're my companion. It was so true though. I'm so blessed to have Hna. Kendell. She was my first choice and I'm glad that's who the Lord knew I needed to be with! But then, that didn't even end the excitement. We had stopped at a few places in Kennewick before heading back home - The Office, the Bookstore, etc. So, we finally start our drive back to Vancouver and we are almost at I-84 when our car starts to make this squeeky noise. And so Hna. Kendell calls Elder Beutler and asks him what we should do. He tells us to turn around and come back. By the time we get back to Kennewick, it's about 4 and he gives us this new car to take back to Vancouver. So, I get in the front seat of this car [after I got done peeling the plastic covers off the floor mat!] and it's got 16 miles on it. 16! I was like holy crap! I'll probably never ever drive a car this new in my entire life ever again! But, we now have a new 2010 Gray Toyota Corolla and we love it. It just turned 300 miles yesterday. Haha. But, it was lovely.

Saturday after we got back, it was SO beautiful outside. I think I actually got some color. Haha. One of the less active members we're working with asked us to come over to her friends house and weed. We've done lots of weeding this week and it's just been so great to be working out in the SUN! I've missed it. It's actually raining right now and it's the first time that I've seen rain in like 5 days. WOW! We're all in shock and I loved it!

So, I love being a missionary. And I love working with Hna. Kendell. She and I just geek out together during companionship study. I learn all sorts of new things and I've been studying the Conference Ensign and I'm just loving it all! I've definitely got a better clue as to the things I need to do when I finally have to come home and get married. AHH! I don't wanna get married! Haha. That's one thing that Hna. Kendell and I talk about - how we're so not ready to get married. But it's all good. We don't have to right now. But, my zone is really awesome, too. We played with them all last p-day and it's amazing what you learn about people...even the people that you've been around for a while. So, it's great and I sure do love being a missionary!

One of our goals as a companionship is to look for all the little baby miracles and tender mercies that happen every day in our lives. There's been one that happened yesterday that I want to share. Sunday night, we were planning. We were both so tired, but wanted to be obedient and plan. So we're planning and going through all these old investigators and Hna. Kendell picks up this one and goes 'Let's go see her'. Granted the record is 2 years old and with Mexicans, they move A LOT, but we remembered our motto ['What have we got to lose?'] and we put her in our schedule. So, we're making a list for Wal-Mart yesterday and I'm like writing down the things that we need. And so I write down that I need CD's. And I just kind of look at that and think 'I don't need CD's. Hna. Kendell only has 4 CD's and I have 2 of them.' But, I put them down anyways and debated with myself what if I actually needed them or not. So, we're knocking on doors and trying to contact all these people and we get to this lady's house that we had wanted to try. We knock on the door and ask for her and the girl at the door says that she's in a hospital right now because she's depressed and isn't coming back. So what do we do? 'Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Well, I'm Hna. Pleshek, and this is Hna. Kendell and we're missionaries...' You know where it goes. We start talking to her and she tells us that she's not really interested...she's learned all she can about church. And instead of just saying 'Thanks, have a good day', we just keep talking to her. She opened right up and told her basically her whole life's story. This girl - Maria - is 19 and she's a foster mom to her 2 year old niece and 7 year old nephew. She's absolutely amazing! She's going to college full time and trying to work and helping her mom with her two injuries from work. She's the rock of her family. And as she talked to us, she said that she had bought a CD of Christian music and listens to it when she gets down. I got the impression that we needed to make a CD for her to listen to. Right before we were leaving, Hna. Kendell asked if we could make a CD for her. She said yeah and that we could come back and drop it by. We get in the car and I'm like freaking out and telling her that's what I was thinking and that I had put CD's on my Wal-Mart list and all this good stuff. But, I'm absolutely amazing at how much the Spirit works between us. We've had many moments like this where the Spirit both tells us something and then one of us says it, even though we absolutely have no idea the other one of us is thinking it.

But, that's about all I have for now. Things are moving slowly, but surely. I love this Gospel and this work and NO ONE can tell me that God isn't in it and behind everything 110%!!! I love that my testimony is strengthened every single day! I love you and thanks for your support!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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