Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Letter from MTC

Hola Madre,
Yo necessito...haha. I need the dates of when I got my Hep A shots. If you don't send those, I'll have to pay $59.00 for one and I would need two. Personally, I am NOT down with paying $120 for shots. She never had Hep A shots so she's out of luck there.

Things are going great here! I'm loving it! Even though it is the 2nd day. My comps are sweet! I'm in a trio--it's way cool. My comp, Hermana Christensen is from Highland and Hermana Pechin is from Orem. Both awesome! My district is cool too. Funny, funny Elders. My Spanish is coming along great! I can hear my testimony in Spanish and a lot is coming back to me.

Despite the crazy rules here, things are great! I've only got lost a couple times! :) We had newe missionary orientation yesterday and the whole MTC presidency talked to us! Awesome! Actually Elizabeth Smart went in the same day as me! And Bradley Duncan too.

I've felt the Spirit here so strong! We had some mock teaching experiences as a group of new missionaries and it was so cool. Also, while I was bearing my testimony in Spanish, I felt it so strong. I love this place. They said most likely we will have our P-days on Thursday.

Well, I've go to finish this becasue class will start soon and I've got to get this out.

Sammi bears her testimony in Spanish and I can only tell you that she knows Jesus Christ lives. Joseph Smith was a prophet and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today. She says the Book of Mormon is true and translated through Joseph Smith. It is exactly what I, as her mom was hoping to hear.

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