Wednesday, February 10, 2010

9 Feb 2010

Oh, wow. I think I just had a heart attack!! Way to start off my letter, Mom. Well, at first I thought that I was in trouble because the last time I got a letter that started with "Before I say everything I have to say..." yeah. Wasn't my favorite. But it's okay. I'm a better person because of it. And I'm glad that I've grown and that you sent it. Entonces...

I'm glad that you're okay and everything is alright. It would be super hard to do anything here if I knew that you weren't doing okay and that my family wasn't alright. I'd be distracted and I can't have that because my focus needs to be on being a good missionary and on my investigators. They're who I concentrate on really anymore. It's important, though. But don't die, please. I wouldn't like that very much.

OOOO, dances! There's a familia in this area who has a daughter and she's 15 and she was talking to me about dances and if I liked them or not. We got into this huge discussion about them and I just told her to give them a chance because one day she will like them. I didn't like them at first, but now look. I love them. They go all out for dances, here. It's nuts. But I'm sure you'll find a way for him to go. Hopefully. You can have Erin chaperone. Haha. She's old enough and she doesn't really have anymore friends there...does she? I don't know, I think everyone is older than they actually are. Time is such a crazy thing. It means nothing here, but at the same time, it's everything. It's the most precious commodity we have.

Oh, Alex. I can't believe he's coming home so soon! It just seems like yesterday that he was going out. But what am I talking about? I've been out for 3 months and it just seems like you and Dad were dropping me off at the MTC. Oh how time flies, right? It's nuts because everyone is like, it goes fast, it goes fast and I'm just sitting here like whatever, in a year, I'll still be here. But in a year, I'll only have like 3 months left. And then I'll be freaking out. I was freaking out just thinking about it. Oh boy.

Oh, I love the Barretts. It's so funny because I talk about them and I'm like oh my gosh, they're just the best people and the best mission president. And then I remember...oh yeah...I'm on a mission now. Well, I love the Belnaps, too. They're tied for first. But honestly, I'm a little bit more bias because I barely know the Belnaps and I absolutely adore the Barretts. It's fun, though. Todd should be going out soon, huh? Crazy! Everyone is all growing up and I feel like I'm just still the same person I was when I left.

That'll be fun to have Clare and Clint next door. I really hope the house works out for them...although it's in need of some TLC. But Clare should love that. Plus, it'll be fun. And they won't have to change a whole lot. And Gresham isn't ideal, but there are worse Pasco. Or Yakima.

Baby Zoey is so cute! She's a little doll.

Haha, sounds like everything at home is normal. She got a letter from E. Davis? I haven't even gotten a letter from Elder Davis. Haha. No, but I think it's funny. He's like oh my gosh, I didn't think she'd actually write me. He was so funny when I gave him that letter. He wanted it really bad. Of course, I read it first. But it was funny because he was asking me questions about what the letter meant and all this stuff. I'm like umm, what? Like about officiating and stuff and I was like OH...okay. Yeah. Basketball. But, he's a funny guy.

Okay, we've had some CRAZY dinner appointments the last two days. Sunday, right? We have to go eat with these people and we couldn't find their house. They live on Keller St., but there's like 7 Keller streets in Kennewick. So we're driving around for 45 minutes and end up being late. So we knock on the door and this is how it goes:
Us: We're so sorry! We got lost and we couldn't find your house.
Her: We already ate.
Us: We're so sorry. We just couldn't find which Keller street it was on.
Her: Dinner is probably cold. And my daughter was excited to see you, but you're late, so she's not anymore.
Us: We're SOOO sorry.
Her: Oh well, come on in. We were just getting ready to watch the Super Bowl.
Us: Oh...umm...okay. Sorry about disturbing you.
Her: It's fine. Come in. You can have a beet and goat cheese salad.
Me in my head: WHAT?! What is this? Who eats this stuff?
I look at it and I'm like PUKE! IT's got CHUNKS of beets and it's NASTY. So, we sit down and try and talk and EVERYTHING relates back to the fact that we were an hour late. Just, it was getting ridiculous. So finally, after about 10 minutes, so goes:
Her: Oh, so do you have another appointment?
Us: Yeah, and we're late for it.
Her: Oh, well you're late for everything. We had the elders over a couple weeks ago and they were early. You should probably go.

She rushes us out the door and shoves some sort of fruit jelly things in our hands and is like goodbye. We didn't get to share a spiritual thought, or anything. We were in there for 15 minutes max. We called people who love us - the Chandias - and they let us come over and eat REAL food. Oh man, it was so bad.

But there's a fun story for ya. It was ridiculous. I'll tell you another one next time because I'm out of time right now. But I love you! And I'm glad everyone is doing good and you're all safe. The Church is true and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve. It's an amazing thing and I wish more people would serve missions. If only they knew how important it was. Anyways, I love you all!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Pleshek

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