Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Handwritten on 1-26-10

Dear Parental Units,
So Pres. Belnap says that I need to write you and let you know I'm safe! Well, I'm safe! I'm in Washington and it's for sure bittersweet! It's a totally new beginning, which is cool, but, I know that I would totally be lost without MY Elders here with me. Now that it's just us 5, I'm very territorial of them. It sucks cause now we're not all goingto be together and I can't even find out how they're doing since I can't write. But, we're all on this side of teh mission (east side) so I will see them at zone conferences and stuff. Well, I will get to see Elder Huff. He and I are serving in the same branch (Pasco 5th), so at least I'll be able to see how he is.
I love my mission president and his wife! They are great! My 1st interview was so good. I walk in and he's like "You are different! You are so happy and never change that, ever! It will come in handy." But he's great! I love them.

My plane ride here was...interesting. I sat next to this guy who was from Idaho. He knew a little bit about missions, but asked me a lot of questions. We talked almost the whole plane ride and I know a lot of it was hitting on me. It sucks cause I was trying to talk to him about families and missions and he was trying to touch my leg, arm, etc. UGH! He's not a least I'm pretty sure. And if he is, he's inactive.

I'm impressed with the Spanish I've used tonight. Pres. Belnap asked me to pray for lunch in Spanish which was fun. Maybe its cause no one understands besides a handful of the missionaries. But a majority of the people don't. It's like a secret language right now and that makes it fun.

Well, I still want to get some studying in tonight. I'm definately tired.

Oh, I saw Amy Mann this morning. And Sis. Liz Hendricks (Sara's cousin) is training my friend Sister Miller. And ask Sara Oba if she fell of the planet or what? Tell her I love her too.

And Sister Belnap wants us all to take vitamins. If you send me a package send it postal service so it can be forwarded. And when people send letters, or anyone, make sure my first and last name are on it.
I love you. The church is true, the book is blue. Sounds better in Ingles!
Hermana Pleshek
P.S. Dad!! I have a mission song!! I can't wait to sing it for you! singing A sacred commission given from on high....

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