Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21 Dec 2010

You're so lucky. I'm just going right down the line and your letter was 4th on my list, so you'll get to hear from me sooner! YAY! Well, let's see. I'm glad that you finally got snow. We get snow here and then it just melts the next day. Kind of frustrating, but you know what, that's okay. The less I have to deal with. But, we think the snow that we got a few days ago will be sticking around for Christmas. It's pretty scarce, but we'll have a White Christmas after all. I can't believe that it's Christmas this week. 4 days. I can't believe it! Where did all the time go? I remember last Christmas when I was in the MTC. Crazy how that works. But, such is life. President Greer told us yesterday that even when you stand on the runners of the tredmill, it still will pass and keep going. Analogy I'll tell you about later. It's great!
But, we had Christmas zone conference yesterday. It was awesome! We got to watch Toy Story 3! Oh man, SOOO funny. So sad. I cried. But, best movie I've watched in about a year. Haha. Nah, it was great though. We had all sorts of fun and I just loved being with the missionaries. It was a half zone conference and just so great. The Greers are great and I'm glad they're out here with us. The up and down side of it all was we had this snow storm come through yesterday and so the elder that was going to drive to the Tri-Cities is from South Carolina and I was just like yeah...you should let me drive. So I got us there safely and soundly. Relief! But, not that I was worried about his driving, but still. It felt better knowing that I was in control driving at a safe speed instead of crazy elders. Haha.
It sounds like you're having a blast at home...despite the fact that everyone is semi-sick. Eeks! Well, my companion is getting sick and I'm just considering it a miracle if I don't get sick. I've been so exposed, it's ridiculous! But, you know, I just might have that awesome of an immune system.
As for calling. The missionary department has allowed us to SKYPE for Christmas. So weather it's on gmail or the actual skype, I am looking forward to seeing everyone at home! And I'm thinking it'll be around noon-ish, my time. So 2 yours. But, I'll call in the day and let you know when for sure. Depending on Sister Salmon. Her family is 3 hours ahead of me, so I'm letting her go first and all that jazz. I'm excited beyond all belief! =)
And...let's see...what else. Oh, thanks for telling Adam who I am. I wouldn't like for him to now know his favorite aunt! =) But, I'm sure it'll all be fine when I get home. I'm super excited to see their little faces. That's probably been one of the biggest things that I miss...watching the kiddos grow and stuff. But, I sure do love hearing about them and their adventures.
Well, everything is going good here. Transfer calls are coming on Christmas, so hopefully I'll be able to let you know if I'm being transferred or not. We'll see. But, I love you all and I am super duper stoked to talk to you all in 4 days!!!!!
Love you!
Hna. Pleshek

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