Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20 April 2010

Alright, this email is going to be super quick. But I hope it's a good one.

So things here this past week have just been NUTS! I can't believe all that's happened in such a short time. We got transfer calls this week and yep! You guessed it! I'm being transferred. I'm going over to Vancouver. And my new companion? None other than my mission mom - Hna. Dunoskovic! I'm beyond excited as you can imagine and I'm just counting down the days til we get to serve together again!

Meanwhile, I'm here in West Richland with a trio of English sisters. I'm having a lot of fun and it's been great! 2 of the sisters in the trio are from Temple Square. Sister Burgoyne and I are hitting it off well. Turns out, we were in the MTC together - entered the same day and everything. And I remember talking to her there, too. We made that connection last night. So, she and I will be ending our missions the same day and we are SO excited! We stayed up way too late last night talking. But, it was just so great! She's amazing!

So, I sent Sister Garcia off last night. It was difficult. What was even more difficult was saying goodbye to all those people in Kennewick that I love and treasure dearly. I surely will miss them more than I can say. But I do know that I have a purpose in Vancouver and that everything will be well in Kennewick. It'll just be a drastic change going from Kennewick to Vancouver! It's been so hot here! High 80's. And I've been melting. So I'm excited for the new change.

Since I'm going to Vancouver, is there a chance that you might get a hold of the Derbs and let them know? I'd love to see them while I'm there. And I'm pretty sure I'll be there for a while since I'm killing Hna. Dunoskovic. I guess President wants me to kill all his missionaries. But, I'm definitely okay with going back to her. Even if I do have to kill her :-D

Let's see...what else? Well, this last week I've been able to study out of the Engisn alot. Sister Garcia was 'sick' all the time and so she'd stay in her bed until 12 or 1 some days. And so I studied the issue from last Conference and it has just been amazing! I've been geeking out on that and the scriptures like nothing else! These last 3 weeks have been so rewarding for me. It's just been amazing! It's great to be a missionary!

I truly do love serving here in Washington! I love the Lord and I love teaching people about our Savior and His Atonement for us. It's wonderful to always be a representative of Him - wearing His name on me 24/7. This is the best decision I've made yet - hands down. I couldn't ask for a more rewarding experience and I know that it will only continue to get better. I know that the Lord provides for His missionaries. I know that is true 100%!

My time is really short today, but I love you all! And I will write more next week! Thank you for all you do for me and for this work. We [the missionaries and the Savior] really appreciate it!
Con muchisimo amor,
Hna. Pleshek
P.S. I have been thinking and I think that you should send the missionaries over the Barb's house. She's been on my mind alot lately and so, that's what I think should go down.
P.P.S. Super weird about all the drama and about all the engagements. Dang. Anyone else? Haha. Love you!

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