Tuesday, April 6, 2010

6 Apr 2010

Hi Mom!

Dang. We had such an amazing Conference this weekend! It was so legit and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to watch all 4 sessions of it! My friend Elder Olsen called Elder Holland's talk a 'rock concert of faith'. And he sure was right. I love Elder Holland. HIs talk and the talk by James Marino was legit, too. I just loved it all and I can't wait to read the priesthood session talks!

People are crazy and you know what? When they know the difference between right and wrong and they've been taught, it's on their own heads what happens. It doesn't make a difference really who they are. If they've done wrong, then there's really no defending that.

Grandpa's is always fun. I miss home. It wasn't quite the same Easter. We went over to some member's houses in the Southgate ward and we had some good food - ham and all the workings - but it just wasn't the same as being home. Of course, nothing is. But you know, it's all part of the experience.

I didn't know Gerald Maas died. Well then. Sorry, this letter is going to be stinky and short because I am short on time. And I don't have a whole ton to say this week either. My plan of writing things down didn't really succeed. I was sick this week. Yeah, swollen tonsils and everything. It make me feel all nasty inside and it was hard to work because I always felt like a piece. But, what can you do? Just keep pressing forward.

Oh, so I met this guy in the MTC and he was a teacher there and he told some elders in my district that he knew Dad. His last name is Tellington. And I'm not sure if I told you about this or not, but I'm doing it again, just in case. And he served in Wisconsin. So, yeah. I don't know.

Hey, so my companion knows Heather Chaffee. Do you have her email address? I want to email her a picture of Hna. Garcia and I as soon as I figure out how to get my pictures on a computer.

Oh, so I went and traded my camera for one I liked better. And it's legit. And I can hear my videos on it. So, I've been watching my videos like crazy. It's amazing!

So, not too much has happened this week. It's been kind of frustrating, but you know what? We can only do as much as we can do. People have their agency and get to choose whether or not they want to follow. As long as we teach them, we can't be held accountable. But, we're getting new people to teach and Kennewick is looking great. We have amazing people that are so ready to be baptized, but just dont' think they're quite there yet. It's kind of frustrating.

One thing that was really cool about companion study yesterday is that we were studying about the Apostasy. The great apostasy. And so we were just kind of brainstorming and had all these questions like were there 2 apostasies? Because we teach it after Christ and his Apostles died, that's when the apostasy was. But, then Christ came and established his church in the Americas. So, that was tricky. And then were there 2 sets of apostles and 2 prophets? We had all sorts of questions and so we called President Belnap and asked him and he said they were really good questions. He cleared it up for us and so that really helped. And it's just really cool to understand this doctrine more and more each day.

Everything here is good. I love you all! I'm glad to be a missionary, even though sometimes it's really hard. But it's always so worth it!
Con mucho amor y carino!
Hna. Pleshek

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