Tuesday, April 27, 2010

27 April 2010


Well, it's been a nuts week! I've almost been in Vancouver almost a week and I've got myself all moved in and we've been working. Really hard. It feels like we are opening up a new area. Nothing really has been done for a while, so we're finding new investigators and trying to teach people the good word of God. It's hard when missionaries don't work and ruin things for the missionaries to come. It's like that talk from Spencer W. Kimball - Lock Your Heart. It talks about ruining all the work that was done and can be done by little things. And I think that's definitely what happened here.

So, we're teaching some really cool people. And we're hoping that Sister Dunoskovic will go out with a bang and on a good note. I'm determined and so is she. And we're SO excited to be together again, working our little butts off. It's exciting because we work well together and she teaches me something new each day that I can use in my teaching to make me a better missionary. She's definitely got experience and I would be stupid not to soak up all the goodness of her that I can.

It's been crazy learning the area. I, in fact, think that this will be a lot more difficult than Kennewick. Vancouver is SO big, but my trusty Garmi and I are a good team. And I know that the Lord will bless me since I'm doing HIS work and not my own. So, it helps that I've got Him on my side. :-D I'm also glad that I got a letter, even if the seminary lesson did get put on hold. But, I appreciate it. And even though I really don't worry about things too much at home, it helps to know that things are going well and nothing is happening to worry about.

That's scary about the nightmare Dad had. I can't even imagine going home at this point. Like, it's just been an amazing experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. The Lord has things He needs me to do here in Washington. Hna. Dunoskovic and I were talking about this on Sunday. About the missionaries that influenced us when we were younger. And even though they didn't baptize us, it didn't mean that they weren't fulfulling their purpose to come unto Christ. I know that I probably would not have thought sister missionaries were cool if it wasn't for Sister Freddie and her influence on me. She showed me how cool it was to be a missionary and what was all possible. I credit a lot of being here to her. And Hna. Dunoskovic has a sister missionary like that, too. We spent some time on Sunday with the family Buttars. They are members and they have 5 kids. 4 girls and 1 boy. And we spent a lot of time just playing with the girls and talking to them about being missionaries. Giving them attention they don't get and influencing their lives. Some missionaries would think that would be a waste of time, but we invited them to come unto Christ and I KNOW that we made a difference in their lives.

Gall. I can't believe Andrew is so huge! That's nuts! He was shorter than me when I left. It's amazing how much things change in the course of 6 months. I can't believe that I've been gone for that long. In another week or so, it'll be a year til I come home. Where has this time gone? I just have been so caught up in teaching that I haven't been able to watch each day pass. We wake up and in the blink of an eye, it feels like our whole day has flown by. But, it makes it easier that we are teaching and helping others.

Haha, have we got rain! We've gotten some rain on and off all today. It hasn't rained as much as I thought it would, but then again, I've only been here for 6 days. But, it hasn't dampered anything spirits of ours. We are determined to work! Especially since we're together and both know what we're capable of! We're so excited to be here and help change Vancouver and turn around people's perspectives on sister missionaries.

I did get in contact with the Dobberfuhls a couple days ago. I just looked in the phone book and called them up. They were so cute! Doug was so excited to talk to me and I am so excited to see them. They're taking us out to lunch on May 5th. Speaking of lunch, we had lunch today at HomeTown Buffet, which, is the restaurant where Doug and Steph took us when we were in Vancouver back in January 2008. I thought it was funny. I was like 'I've been here before' and then Hna. Dunoskovic looks at me and goes 'yeah, but not in Vancouver' And I just looked at her and went 'Yeah, here in Vancouver. They don't have these where I live'. But I thought it was funny.

Dang, what is wrong with Erin's roommate? Sounds like a weirdo. Who the heck shows clips from Bruce Almighty in Sunday School? That's whack!

Speaking of whack, Mother's Day is coming up in a few weeks and so I'm thinking that I'll be able to call sometime in the evening. We have church from 2-6 [meetings afterwards] and so we'll probably call before we eat dinner. But as soon as we hammer out some details, I'll let you know for sure when. But I'm really excited to talk to all of you!

I love being a missionary and I know I say that every week, but I just can't say it enough. The Lord is blessing my companion and I through our efforts and continues to do so as we obey. I love to learn from the scriptures and I love learning something new each day from the people I come in contact with. I love you all and I will be talking to you soon!

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