Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18 Aug 2010

What a week is has been! I don't even know where it went! I'll tell you that much. On Wednesday, we went out with Jocelyn. It was a lot of fun despite the hot weather. The less active we were going to see wasn't awake yet, so we went and ate lunch [we were supposed to eat with her]. But, we ate at our apartment. And we were supposed to go blackberry picking, so we just went by ourselves. We picked a handful of them. They were so good. But, my comp was really upset with the whole day. No one was home and for that, she was irritated. Resulted in a meltdown of some sort. She'll just start crying and I don't know what to do. If I ask, she just says nothing. So I don't know. Ugh. I feel so helpless. World's worst trainer. We were also late for like every appointment that night. It was so full and with old ladies that like to talk, we don't get anywhere very fast. It was a good day though.
We had a hilarious Thursday. We did a lot of tracting. And it was HOT! And even though our 4 o'clock cancelled on us, we still had a funny day. We had dinner at the Campos/Fagg home with the elders. They are SO funny! She's from Chile and he's an old white guy and they are hilarious together. hna. Fagg asked me when I get married if I'll send him an invite. I said well, If I get married, then you can come. He looked and me and scoffed and said "What is this 'if' business? When you get home, stick your meat hook in 'em and hang on!" Hilarious! I just about died laughing. I told him my grandpa was a butcher and so it would work out great! He was pumped. Haha. We had some more appointments that night. And I for real got violated Thursday night. So, we're at this house for an appointment and we leave and decide to go tracting some more. We're walking from this house and this guy is like 'Hermanas! Como estan?" And so I just look in the fence, cause he's sitting in his backyard and I'm like ...bien... I have no idea who this guy is. Never met him before in my life. He's all, 'You speak Spanish? I like that' so we went into his backyard where he and his wife are just chilling out. They get up to talk to us and this guy comes up [I'm assuming it's their son] and he's got his beer belly all hanging out without his shirt on [EWW] and paint all over him. There's like 4 different conversations going on so I'm really confused and I'm just trying to talk to them all. So the son [he's like 40] puts out his hand. I shake his, and he starts petting and caressing mine. Okay, freaking out. Yep, yank my hand away pretty fast. They basically push us into their house to talk and the son asks Sister Rico if she wants to see his room cause he was painting it. She says sure and she's like come on. I poke my head in and I'm like cool, yep, let's go. So, we sit down and the son just starts talking to us for like 10 minutes in a Spanglish jibberish that I don't understand at all. It's all over the place. He's walking around and he comes over and tells me I have pretty eyes and starts touching my face. I'm all freaked out and just pulled away. So, then, he asks for an English BOM and so I tell him we'll run to the car and get one. He says he'll come with us and I'm like oh, that's okay, we'll be back in like a minute. So we walk out the door and he starts following us. He tries to shake my hand again and then starts putting his arms around me and trying to hug me. And if it wasn't awkward enough, his lips start coming at me. Yeah, freaking out. And so I'm like basically running away and I'm like yeah, sorry, can't do that. It's against the rules. I'm a missionary! And wow, yeah. It was crazy. To add to it all, he was drinking and I'm not sure his elevator goes all the way to the top? Yeah, it was an interesting night.
Friday, we started with some studying with the elders. It was great! I also learned that before the end of the year, the branch in Pasco will be a ward! =) I'm so excited! I can't wait to go back and see the ward! But studying with the elders is always great! Oh, so my foot's been hurting for like a week or two. What do you think? Anyways, after studying, we had lunch and weekly planning. It was about 100 degrees outside when we left our house. We went and tracted a little before we went to dinner. We did some more tracting after dinner and found a few new people to teach. And even some for the english missionaries to teach. A really excellent day.
Saturday is always a fun day! I helped teach a recent convert english for about an hour and then we had an awesome member present lesson with Juan Carlos. We finished teaching him a first and he's so...AHH! He's exactly like Joseph Smith! He says there's a contradiction going on in his head about every church and he just wants to know the truth and change his life. He's so ready and he doesn't even know it. We went tractings some more. We went to have dinner with the Alquicira's. We ate sandwhiches cause it was SO hot! We saw Jocely after cause she had to talk to us. Aww man, I love her! I will for sure miss her when I leave. She's the rock of her family and the rock needs to vent sometimes. She does SO much for her family! She's amazing and will be an awesome missionary! She also received her patriarchal blessing on Sunday. We got in early and planned a busy Sunday. I took a cold shower and it felt SOOO good! I never thought I would want to take one, but oh, I was so gross!
Sunday was another lovely hot day. But it's okay because Juan Carlos came to church for the 3rd time in a row! And after church, he left with a Gospel Principles manual and said he would study up for next week! What an AMAZING thing to come out of his mouth. Every missionary's dream! And he's coming to the branch campout this weekend! Really, what could have been more amazing to hear? nothing!
Monday, we had to wash and clean our car for zone conference on Tuesday. That took a while, but it's okay because, another blaring hot day. I'm about ready for that to be done. Haha. But, we also had like this 6 course meal at this recent converts house. It was SO much food and I couldn't eat it all. She told me I was a bad eater, but I don't care. I could NOT finish off that food. Yikes! Especially when on Sunday some little girl told me that I was going to have a baby. She was really disappointed when I told her I wasn't because I wasn't married. Haha. But, yeah.
Tuesday was an amazing zone conference with Elder Ringwood of the 70. I heard him speak in the MTC and he was such a rockstar! Still is! I loved it and I am so grateful that I got to be here when he came. Oh want to hear something funny? So, Elder Hafen [last summer] was here before he came to Wisconsin. Crazy, huh? I may have already told you that, but oh well. We also found 3 new investigators yesterday. It was so cool and I love to see the Lord working in every aspect of the work!
And, today. P-day! And it's my birthday! Happy 9 months to me! And it's apparently all downhill from here. At least that's what they tell me. But anyways, that's really all I've got for today. I'm running out of time, but I love you all and can't wait to hear from you again next week! The church is true and it's amazing how it blesses our lives!
Les quiero y les extrano MUCHO!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek!
Oh and as for the dress, YES! Isn't that a show? Say yes to the dress? For sure, sell it off to her. Just tell her I want pictures from her in it! =)

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