Saturday, August 7, 2010

2 Aug 2010

It's Monday and we have p-day today! Mainly because we are going to the Tri-Cities tomorrow in the morning and President Greer wanted us to have a p-day. Sweet, huh? Well, it's been a crazy week! We had an RS activity on Tuesday and we learned how to make pies. Well, I didn't. I got roped into entertaining the children. We read books, sang songs, and drank some juice. It was like nursery. Haha. We were supposed to have an appointment or 2, but we got stood up. Story of my life. I think only a handful of people this transfer have been home when we have set appointments with them. Anyways, the transfer is like half way over. Wow. That's insane! It for real just feels like it just started. On Wednesday, it'll be 2 weeks until it ends. Crazy! Transfers are on the 25th. I'm looking forward to a transfer call that does NOT include my name.

Wednesday, was an exciting day! We were headed to lunch and we got stopped by this traffic jam. All this black smoke was coming out of McDonald's on Fort Vancouver Way, so we stopped to look at it. Apparently, a car burst into flames in the Drive-Thru because of a gas leak and resulted in the restaurant burning. Luckily, the play equipment was not harmed.

Before we were going to lunch, we were knocking doors. We ran into 2 ladies who are both named Maria. They are both awesome and I hope we get to teach them.

So, we had lunch with Elders Covington and Mick and their mini missionaries. One of them [the cooler one] was born in Wisconsin. So we bonded! It was so great! There's also a missionary here that just came in from Whitefish Bay, WI. It was exciting to see someone else from home. We had dinner at Costo with our elders. There's an hermano in the branch who always takes us to Costco; buys each companionship a pizza, and we just eat. It was kind of a rant session for us cause on Tuesday, our district was the only one that weren't invited to this hike. We were told it was zone p-day and so we were all kind of upset that no one told any of us. Turns out it wasn't, but we were still not involved...on purpose. So there was this huge riff between my district and the rest of the zone. It was a huge drama fest. But we purposely were not invited, so it sucked. But, we had fun playing without them. But yeah. Don't know if it's still a problem, but man. We weren't invited cause the elders in my district wanted to plan a fishing trip [which didn't actually happen] and one of the elders took it personally, so that's why. Ridiculous, but oh well. So we kind of ranted about that at dinner. But, afterwards, there was this guy on the side of the road that was selling flags. We stopped and ATF'ed him and saw how much the flags cost. I don't really want to pay 30 bucks for a Mexican flag. To end our awesome night, we found a man named Luis, who is separated from his wife and has an interest in the Gospel. It's amazing how the Atonement automatically connects everyone to the gospel, no matter what. But, that was our Wednesday and it was very exciting!

Our Thursday was exciting, too. We went over to a recent convert’s house and she had 700 yellow page books to put into bags. Yeah, so we did that for a while and helped her do it all. It took a while but it was really funny. Her name is Marta and she's been kind of sad/depressed for a while, but she was actually happy. It was so awesome to see her happy! We had this lesson at a less active member's house about prayer and it went so well. I just started crying in the middle of the lesson. I was and am so grateful for you and Dad that we had family prayer in the morning and that we grew up with scripture study. Just realizing too how much prayer means to me. It's something I need for sure in my future home and with my future family. No ands, ifs, or buts. We had dinner at the Garcia's and it was great! I always love eating with the elders. Hna. Rico and I were walking down the street after and we went into this gas station because we had to use the bathroom. While Hna. Rico was in the bathroom, I ATF'ed the workers and they liked us so they told us to come back so we would be regulars. Haha. I can't this week, but I want to go back next week! We were walking back and talking and all these girls started meowing at us while they were driving past. Like how Clint barks, but meowing. Made Hna. Rico scream. Haha. But we ended our night with a lesson to a man named Juan Carlos. He's a little crazy, but so funny! He said he would come to church and he did! And he loved it! Awesome, huh? I was excited and still am! But it was good. And we got some horchata that night. Sooo good!

Friday was amazing for me! We had a meeting with President Alder. The elders were late, so it gave me a chance to play and practice the piano. We had a fast weekly planning, which was probably not good, but oh well. We had no time. Hna. Rico thought we should make cookies for this investigator family that we love, so we did. And I got a letter from Brazil! Probably one of my most favorite things now! I got one from Argentina last week, but that wasn't as good. Haha. It for sure made the rest of the night better. I didn't really care that people weren't home for our appointments and I didn't get discouraged. It was a really nice feeling to not have.

Saturday was nuts! We struck out all morning, but the Lord knows where we need to be. We were on one side of town and we left cause no one was answering. We stopped at this apartment complex and as we were leaving, Eduardo, one of our awesome investigators that I haven't seen for almost a month, rode by on his bike. He recognized me through the window. He stopped and we set up an appointment for tonight. I hope it goes well. We headed to Washougal to teach a contact we had. His wife is a less active member. So we went over and I just got right down to it cause I didn't want to waste time. It's about a 15 minute drive to their house and we don't have the miles to do it if he won't progress. He said he's been having the lessons on and off for 8 years, doesn't believe in changing religions [he's Catholic and doesn't even go] and even though he believes it all, he doesn't believe in Joseph Smith. So, we aren't going to waste our time teaching him when he told us basically he won't progress. We went out to eat that night with the Hibbards and it was SO great! I love that family!

Yesterday was super well. Juan Carlos was at church and we had a break the fast and it was awesome! Hna. Rico wasn't feeling too well, so that was not fun for her. But, other than that, it was great! We had a break the fast afterwards and it was really good. Did a number on my stomach, but SO good!

We have zone p-day today and I'm stoked about that. It'll be fun and I'm really looking forward to it. But, I love you all and have fun at girl's camp. Our stake had it this last week and the U-Haul that was carrying all their stuff burst into flames. Lovely, right? Anyways, have a fantastic week! I sure do love being a missionary!

Con amor,

Hna. Pleshek

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