Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24 Aug 2010

Wow, I've got so little time. But, I'll probably end up writing you a hand written letter. THere's so much to say and so little time and I feel like I've got to just keep going and not stop or I'm going to fall. There's so much work to be done. We've got some amazing people we're teaching and it's just great! I can't wait to inform you all on it. But just know that I'm well and happy and things are going AWESOME!
Jenny comes home in like 3 months. She's almost done. I just got a letter from her the other day. Less than 3 months. Wow. That's insane! I hope DeAnna and Clare got to spend some time together. Sounds like you all are keeping busy. I sure am. And wow, I just, I'm so out of time, but I love you all and I am so happy to be a missionary.
And I wouldn't mind helping you clean the fridge Mom. I love cleaning now. And I'm really good at it. That and weeding. I've gotten super good on my mission. Haha. But, you're all amazing and thank you for all you do. I love you!
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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