Tuesday, October 19, 2010

19 Oct 2010

Things here have been going good. I went on an exchange last night with Sister Hendricks and it was awesome. It was fun to teach and interesting to work in English. It was my first time and just exciting. We had fun together and even though I was awoken by a coo coo clock every half hour, it was still fun. Oh, I also woke up with some sort of goopy junk in my eye. It's never happened before and now my eye is all red and pink. And it kind of hurts. Yes, I slept with my contacts in, but I've done it before and this hasn't ever happened. Just curious.

I wrote
Erin about the whole staying in Idaho thing and so...yeah. I just told her what I thought and all that jazz. I don't know if it'll help or anything, but we'll see. Umm, let's see...what else.

Well, I've been working on re-committing myself to the mission again and focusing more. I've started over as a greenie and I'm just starting at the beginning. So, it's going to be exciting and I'm putting the Lord to the test to expect miracles. That didn't really
make sense, but you know what it means. Haha.

I can't believe that Jenny McGraw is home! That's insane! I knew she came home in October, but that seemed like it would never come. Yikes! Happy Birthday to Andrew yesterday. I have a letter I wrote to him that's got to be sent out. We share the same birthday. I turned 11 months yesterday. Where has the time gone? It's going so fast and I'm savoring each moment and using it so that I can be a better missionary.

Nuts about everyone getting their mission calls. I can't believe that.
Poland. Russia. Dang, I'm glad that I'm in the US and speaking Spanish. Haha. I feel blessed. But it's still super funny because some days I wake up and I'm all, I can speak Spanish! And it's just funny. I don't know. I still wake up too some days and think I'm a
missionary. I'm a real missionary. And I still love being a missionary. It's great!

The work is moving and the area is growing. I'm excited to see what happens. It just needs some help and I'm so excited about seeing the area basically explode with awesome-ness. Oh
Yakima. The work is going good and things are going awesome. I don't have too much to report this week. I'm sorry that my emails are getting shorter and
shorter, but I guess that's just what happens as the mission goes on. Ahh! I feel so bad. But, I'll write better next week. Sometimes I just am like AHH, I'm done writing emails. Haha. But, oh well. It will slow down...I hope.

I got the box, thanks! I loved it. And one day when you send a box again, can you put my leggings in there so I'll have them for the winter? I really want them because I'm already starting to get cold and it's getting chilly at night and I want leggings to wear under my skirt. And I don't really want to buy any because I've already got a
black and green pair at home. Just send both of them.
Well, I love you all so much. Thank you for all your support and all you do!

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