Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26 Oct 2010

Querida familia,
Greetings from Yakima, once again. Things are well here and always looking up. The area is picking up slowly, but surely and once the apple season and other fruit/veggie seasons are over, it's going to explode. I just know it. The problem is is that all the Hispanics are in the fields working til late at night and that kind of puts a damper on the work. But once it's over, BAM! It'll be amazing!
Haha, I'm glad Andrew liked the letter. I wrote it really fast and I hope that you could read my handwriting. And I loved the letter that you sent. I read part of it to my companion and we just laughed at him running away. He's such a good kid. I'm glad that he's not all into that stuff. You know, it's fine to like girls, but they make it so much harder on a mission. I can't tell you about the countless elders that I've seen just get distracted by girls and what not. So, it's always better just to leave them as friends rather than something more. But, I'm sure it won't be a problem. Andrew is a good kid. =)
I'm stoked that your Conference was awesome! I got gypped out of another Stake Conference this fall. I barely missed Yakima's and Vancouver's was coming up a few weeks after I left, so I don't get another one. Which I'm kind of upset about because I love them and the spiritual feast I get to enjoy. But, you know what, there'll be more. One day. I'll get to have one right before I come home.
We had interviews this week and they went really well. President says that Yakima is doing me well. Which, I like to hear, because I'm still unsure of the area and the people and I'm trying my hardest to get it going and such. But, it was great. The only thing that kind of stunk was that he reminded me of how little time I have left. As of the 3rd, I'll have 5 months left on my mission and I'm not okay with that. Haha. I'm excited to come home and see all of you, but if I could just take a vacation, see my family, and then come back and be a missionary, that'd be okay with me. But, I'm setting some goals for my last little bit and working to meet them.
I really like what you told me about love and how you can't fall out of love. It's so true. I've been learning a lot about charity on my mission and what charity really is. I love the Bible dictionary's definition of charity. It's so true. Or maybe it's the index. I don't remember. But either way, it's awesome! I was always like 'charity, blah, blah, blah, pure love of Christ.' Yeah, didn't really have any deeper meaning, but after studying it and looking into it more, I've definitely seen the deeper meaning and have found that charity is the only way to be an effective missionary. It all starts with love.
Well, I'll work on finding the I heart Yakima t-shirts. I want one and I know Erin wants one and I want Clare to have one so we'll all have matchy matchy shirts. And if you want one, too, then okay. You can be twinners with us, too. =)
That's really sad about the baby dying. Especially with Brooklyn babysitting. I don't know what I'd do. That's sad and scary and wow. I don't even know how I'd react to that. That's so crazy. One time, when I was in Vancouver, Hna. Dunoskovic and I were saying goodbye to this old lady who had just had surgery and she told us to come sit on her bed with her and while we were, I swear she almost died like 3 times. It was scary.
11:11. Make a wish.
In other news, Hna. Salmon and I have received a new car. Yeah, a 2011 Malibu. It's beautiful and it's the newest car I've ever driven in my life. They must really trust me, because I've had two brand new cars on my mission so far that they've given to me while I've been the driver in the area. Yeah, I wish that I was wealthy enough to purchase one. Haha. Maybe in the next life.
And one last thing. Thank you for allowing me to come on a mission. I know it's a sacrifice for all of us and not just me. I get thanked all the time for my sacrifices, but in reality, if it wasn't for my family sacrificing, I wouldn't be here. But, thank you so much. I truly love my mission and even though it's coming to an end soon, I love it more and more each day. It will be a sad day when I have to leave my Washington and my family here, but I've learned so much and come so much closer to my Savior. I'm grateful for the Atonement and it has become more real to me on my mission than any other time in my life.
I love you all and I miss you.
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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