Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 Mar2011


So much to tell you in such short time. Well, I've got my trusty sticky note. Let's see if we can do some updating and informing!

Well, Tuesday, we had our zone p-day. It was some Olympics thing one of the elders cooked up. Personally, not my favorite. But we did it at this HUGE house...seriously. Four houses in one. But, it was fun just to play and kick some elders' butt in pool. I really did win all my games...and I didn't cheat! =) And I don't know what else I did, but I hurt my knee pretty bad. It still hurts and it's been a week. I called Sister Greer about it on Saturday night. I'm supposed to again today. We also had a great lesson with one of our RC's named Jacobe. It was probably the most spiritual lesson I've had with him. Haha. He's a fireball. But, we talked about the doctrine of Christ and how it can bless our lives. I'm so glad to be a missionary and to help people change their lives. It's amazing!

Wednesday, we had a great lesson with Emy and Miguel. The Juarez familia came with us. Daniel and Sandra. They're a couple too, around their age, with no kids. It was awesome and the lesson went great. Daniel and Sandra added awesome testimonies to ours and their little friendship is blooming. Ahh, I love it! It wasn't a huge, exciting day. We didn't have district meeting, by choice. But, it's okay.

Thursday, we spent a TON of time painting. I think I'm making up for not being home to help you guys paint Clint and Clare's house. We, yeah. Painted a ton. Every room in that house. We're lucky the elders were there with us to help. We also had THEE MOST AMAZING THING happen to us on Thursday. We taught a lady named Cynthia. Wow. She's a member referral and awesome! We walked in and she just started asking us questions and just, was a sponge! Absorbing all we taught her. It seriously was...THEE most amazing lesson I've had on my mission. She's truly PREPARED! We extended the baptismal commitment to her and she accepted. She's getting baptized this weekend if all goes well! I've never met a more prepared person in my life and she's amazing! She gets it all! And oh my gosh, I'm so blessed. Sister Kendell and I are SO blessed by the Lord!

Friday, we had weekly planning. We headed to Yakima afterwards because we had an appointment and dinner there. We were stuck there and no one was home. It was semi-frustrating, because we couldn't go back home, and we wanted to save miles and we were in the bad part of Yakima. So, at night, there wasn't a huge amount we could do. But we taught a few lessons and that was that. We had dinner with Emy and Miguel and when we showed up, he was drinking a beer. I was all Miguel! What are you doing? And he just...tried to give me excuses about how doctors say it's good for you and I looked at hime and told him God is better than any doctor I know. In fact, he's the best. He MADE us! So, I was a little irritated, but you know what? Repentance and forgiveness! =)

Saturday, we hit up White Swan with another service project. There was a big fire in WS a couple months ago and took out 20-25 homes or so and we went and sorted clothes there. It was fantastic to see everyone rallying around this community. I wrote more about it in my letter that's coming with the Martinez family to Wisconsin. We also had to get the first oil change on our Malibu. Great! We sat at the dealership for a while, which was great. We got a lot of things done. We also had a super lesson with a lady named Ramona. She's so awesome! And ready. I wish the church that she's 'baptized' into would just leave her alone and stop confusing her. But she's sincere and wants to know more! My companion almost died because of all the dogs and pets we were around. So, she went home and showered and I figured out the other things we had to do to prep for the week.

Sunday was slow and with the time change, it whacked out my system.

We had a BOMB district meeting on Monday. FANTASTIC and all about the Atonement. I found myself in tears more than once. The Spirit was there and so strong! And after our DM, I went on exchanges with the Naches sisters and I'm still here with them now. They're amazing and I'm so glad that I was able to come with them in their area.

I feel really lucky as well to be around such amazing people and to live with the Mitchells. They're changed my life and are truly valiant servants! I love them with all my heart!

And thank you for being amazing too! I love you all and I'm so glad I'm a missionary!

Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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