Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22 Mar 2011

22 Mar 2011


I failed once again and don't have a sticky note. But can I just say that EVERYTHING is going awesome here! Things are just going great and I couldn't ask for anything better!

It sounds like things at home are great! And well, exciting. Haha, with all the surgery and the baby having...yeah, the Gourleys are sure in for a great time! But, how exciting! I can't believe that time is going so fast and that they're all just ...wow. I can't believe it!

Last week, we had a RS birthday party which was awesome! It was about our pioneer ancestors and what not and just a lot of fun. There were 61 women there and one was a non-member. One of the ladies in the ward is awesome and she's such a good missionary!

Wednesday, it was great! We had a great day and everything just played out nicely. We had an exchange with Sister Stewart later that night and I know that it went how it was supposed to. She was still with us on Thursday and I'm so grateful for the Spirit and the way Heavenly Father directs everything. Our St. Patricks Day was funny. We just had a bunch of green stuff and it was...haha. Just great. Maybe I'll do that one day when I have kids...but that won't be for a LONG time. Erin told me Clare said she wants to be pregnant with her sisters. Well, I can tell you I'm not getting married for a long time and having kids for even longer. But, I'm not worried about that at all.

As far as Elder Ahart goes, he is awesome! Mom, just because he's used to people writing him letters doesn't mean anything. Haha. Nah, but he's a really cool kid. I wouldn't let him talk to her if he wasn't good enough for her. But mega-spiritual and just...he's great! And he's home...that's nuts!

We had some great exchanges on Saturday. We spent all of 7-ish miles, so it was great! We didn't get a huge amount done, but it was pretty great to have exchanges. Sunday was awesome, too, with exchanges.

Yesterday was awesome! CYNTHIA!!! Oh my gosh, Mom. You have to meet her! She is fantastic and so prepared for the gospel. She's amazing, there are no words! And I just...wow. I am so grateful that I know her. She prays for us and has forever changed my life!

As far as transfers go, we got the calls yesterday and I'm finishing my mission up in Yakima. With SISTER KENDELL! Mom, I'm so excited! She's amazing and we're going to just do super things together. She's such an amazing missionary and just pushes me to be better. I can't believe I'm on the last 6 weeks. It doesn't seem real and everything I think about it, I want to cry. But I'm just so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve and for staying in this area with my companion. Sister Kendell has been my longest companion - 6 months. And this has been my longest area - 7 1/2 by May.

I love you all and I'm so thankful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me. Sorry this isn't longer, but I've got places to go and people to save. =) I love you! And I can't wait to see pictures of the new baby and all sorts of good stuff. The Martinez have a blanket for the baby. Haha. Anyways, you all rock my socks and I can't imagine my life without you! I'm so glad we're together forever!


Con amor,

Hna. Pleshek

P.S. I'll send pictures next week...I forgot my converter thing.

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