Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 Mar 2011 from last week

March 1, 2011

MOM, This came back to me...apparently you didn't get it? SHOOT! But, I love you! It's from March 1st!


Soooo much to tell you this week. Last Tuesday, we went to the high heel exhibit at the Yakima Valley Museum. I have this all written down, but I lost it...shoot. So maybe I'll find it and send it to you. But anyways, it was pretty legit and I'm glad that we got to see something awesome!

Wednesday, we had this awesome district meeting. Mega spiritual! And even though I'm in a "SISTRICT", it's awesome. Pretty funny. We also had this funny lesson with Heather on dating. Now that she wants other things in a man, it's funny because she's so scared to date now. And she gets really nervous around men. But you know, I told her she'd be fine. Not that I'm the world's best advice on dating giver, but I helped her out the best I could and she'll be okay! =) We were sooo busy. We had some great lessons and just all was so awesome. The funny part was at District Meeting, Elder Dresden told us we weren't to be walking around at night...and so that night, Sister Kendell and I were walking around Yakima at night because we were low on miles. Not sure that was the smartest thing, but we are okay and it was just a block. I thought it was funny because he kept telling us we weren't invincible. Yeah.

On Thursday, we took Heather over to a lady's house in the ward. She's awesome and also used to live in Vegas, like Heather. They're around the same age and hit it off pretty well. It was sooooooo cold on Thursday. Just frigid. Every place we went, we froze our butts off. We also told one of the member's brothers that we would go to Thursday night soccer. So, we got a member to take us over to Selah to play and she ended up getting hit in the face. But she's doing okay. Good thing she came with us earlier to a lesson that went awesome with a lady that should be getting baptized soon. AHH!

Friday, we treated Heather to a haircut for her baptism. It's been almost a year since it's been cut, so that's what we got for her. We also got roped into helping the Wilseys clean up this duplex that they own and are trying to get clean for someone to move into. Well, it was still FREEZING and the heat wasn't working in the house, so Sister Kendell, the elders, and I all froze ourselves helping clean and paint. But it was super fun because they stuck the 3 of us in a room together and we laughed ourselves silly singing songs. 80's songs to Patriotic songs, we just had a blast!

Saturday was HEATHER'S BAPTISM! It was AWESOME! SOOOO SPIRITUAL!!! And we had an investigator there and it hit her, really hard. She was crying and just...wow. It was such a great baptism and everything went perfectly!! It's probably the most spiritual baptism I've had on my mission. We also met a less active in the ward earlier that day and he's a little crazy. He was all 'bad and rough' and at the end, he kissed our hands goodbye. Yeah, a little creepy, but that's how it goes. Yikes. I also started coughing my lungs out. Not fun. I was losing my voice after dinner and the singing Hna. Kendell and I did at the baptism was semi-amusing because I couldn't talk.

That continued Sunday as I got made fun of in ward council. Haha. We did have a lazy Sunday. I was feeling like a piece of junk and it just...ahh. I wanted to die. Same thing on Monday. But I'm feeling better today and things have been great! We went to the temple today and that was awesome. Now all 5 of us are emailing together and we've got zumba on the program for tonight!

Oh, so I was talking to a member on Saturday. She's headed to Madison with her family for some training and they want to stop in Nauvoo and stay there and I told her about it and all the things to do. And she was wondering where we stay, so I told her about the Pountain's house. And she wants that info. Her phone number is xxxx and her name is Sister Martinez. She speaks English, so it's a-okay. =) Actually she's white. Haha. But anyways, you should call her so you can get that to her ASAP.

Also, I have lots of garment tops I don't use because they're too short. I haven't used them for a while and I was wondering if you just wanted me to send them home and you could use them or if you just want me to ditch them. They're not in bad shape, so that's why I'm asking. [And you don't have to put this part in the blog. Haha]

Anyways, I love you all! You are amazing and in my prayers! I love being a missionary! It's sooo awesome! Let me know where Mikey gets called to.

Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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