Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29 Mar 2011


THANK YOU for sending me pictures of my newest nephew Brock! He's so cute and I just can't wait to get home and hold him and all that good stuff that a new aunt is entitled to do. =) Well, I can wait, but it's so exciting to have a little baby to come home to!

I'm not sure what's all happened this week as far as people and teaching. All I know is that miracles have happened and are happening all the time! We had a fantastic lesson with Cynthia and she is progressing awesomely! She's so golden and we're actually going to dinner with her tonight. Oh, let me tell you about this crazy experience we had on...Sunday? No, Wednesday. It was so nuts.

We had dinner with Gloria and Cesar Moreno and had some really good food. But, we had a lesson afterwards and a prayer. Quetzalli gave was asked to pray. So as Cesar was helping her pray, she prayed for us to be safe. At that exact moment, I had the sound of gun shots come to my mind. And I realized I had protection in this home. And I also had a father/daughter duo praying for my companion and me as well. As we stepped out of the house, I felt uneasy. I told Hna. Kendell to get in the car. I locked the doors and we drove off pretty fast. As we were driving, I was telling her about my experience and why I was so uneasy about being in Yakima. She said she felt the same and related to me her experience which she had had during the prayer...which was identical to mine. Gun shots and all at the same point. Heavenly Father loves His missionaries. I'm so glad he sends the Spirit to guide us!

Another exciting thing this week is that Juana and Heather - our recent converts - went to the temple for baptisms!!! And they both LOVED it!! It made us really sad because Sister Kendell and I got permission from President to go and watch and participate, but on Thursday, we both felt it was better if we stayed and did the Lord's work for the living. And, we were really sad we weren't there, but then, we just kept thinking that we can go when they receive their endowments. That's more important to us. And we know that they will.

We're had some crazy service this week. I've been reading in Mosiah [WHICH I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!] and I've been thinking about Mosiah and the kind of person he was and the example he is to us. As we were weeding and totally re-vamping someone's garden this past week, as we got in the car to leave, I turned to Sister Kendell and said 'We just weeded Jesus' garden.' Yeah, it's really interesting and a lot more ...meaningful as we look at service like that. If we're helping someone else, we're helping God. We're doing a service for Him, as well.

Speaking of service, remember the other week when I told you about helping Emy and Miguel cut all the ivy off of their tree and yard? Well, we had a lesson with them last night and it was about tithing. As we were talking about it, Emy recounted a story about how paying her tithing blessed her. She said she debated paying her tithing because they had all the ivy out in their yard and she could use that money to pay for it to get taken care of. Well, she decided to pay that tithing and a day later, we showed up with 3 other sisters and we cleared the yard for free. She said it was such a blessing because they saved SO much money and not only that, the tithing was less than what she would have payed to have someone clean it up. It's amazing to see that...when you're a blessing to someone. And you don't even mean to be. I've seen it so much on my mission. There's no mistake that I need to be here and doing the work I'm doing.

Well, I still have to write President Greer. But, I love you all. And I'll write more next time! Thank you for getting that stuff for me and arranging getting my things from the Martinez family. They are awesome and I know you would love them, Mom. He's such a hoot and she's so sweet. One day, when we come out to visit my mission. =)

I miss you and I'm working hard. Concentrating on the work and not worrying about the time I have left. I know it's precious and I don't want it to end.

I love you all!

Con amor,

Hna. Pleshek

P.S. A few pictures from last week.

One of our green dinner. One of Sister Kendell and I walking through the pear orchards to get back to our house from dinner.

Sister Kendell and I waiting to go the the Tree's last p-day.

Us in our Aztec and Charger ponchos at Emy and Miguels.

The elders and us at an FHE with Emy and Miguel and all our of drumsticks!

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