Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 Apr 2011


Things are going fabulous here! So much to tell in so little time. I'm amazing each week at how fast the time goes and how little of it I have to write to you and to tell you all the amazing things that have happened each week!

Things are beautiful here and moving along so well! I had my last Zone Conference yesterday and it was awesome. I didn't even cry when I bore my testimony for the last time in front of my fellow missionaries. It's just been amazing and I am so glad for this experience, even though it's coming to an end faster than I'd like.

Last week for p-day, we flew kites. I know I told you that last week...maybe...but it was a lot of fun and afterwards, when we played football, I threw a touchdown. I pretty much felt like Aaron Rogers. Haha. Not. But, I'm so glad that my zone is amazing!

Speaking of amazing zones, my zone is doing this AMAZING thing called a scavanger hunt. It's where we have a list of things and when we go tracting and find these things, we check them off and the district who has the most wins. We're so excited!

Oh, before I forget. I'm not sure how much luggage is costing these days, but would you mind transferring some money, if it's not in my checking already, to my card so I can get my luggage home. Sister Wilson said that you should have my flight plans already and even though I don't, I just want to make sure I have my ends covered. Oh did you get my Easter card?

We had an interesting encounter with one of our less actives and her dolls. We went over to take her some pictures and she set up all her dolls and made us take pictures with them. It was really funny and Sister Kendell and I almost wet ourselves. Oh, it was just so great.
Things are progressing awesomely with our investigators! I've enjoyed serving them and just being with them. They teach me more than I teach them, I swear. Never ceases to amaze me at how much I learn.
I've been reading the Book of Mormon and I've come to have an everlasting/extreme love for it. I can't believe how much our relationship has grown. =)
We had a fabulous lesson on Thursday with a 13 year old on the Law of Chastity. It was hilarious. We were talking and it and he goes 'Well, you don't have to do that stuff after you get married. You can wait like a month or a week or something.' It was just funny. And he is a sponge. He absorbs everything. You know he's learning when he asks God in his prayers to help keep him sexually pure.

My little Heather is doing FANTASTIC! So great! She's dating someone and is just...wow! So happy. She bore her testimony on Sunday and made me cry. She's doing so awesome and I'm so glad I was able to play a baby part in helping her come to Christ.
I absolutely love being a missionary. It's amazing! And I am so grateful for all the things my Heavenly Father has give to me.

I've also learned the power of music. It's amazing and changes and softens the hardest of hearts! Things really do happen for a reason and when the Spirit is there, we can work miracles!
Oh, I also taught seminary with my companion on Friday. It was good. I miss seminary but I definitely could have gone without the PDA that I saw. Seriously, little couples all over, just all over each other. It was so disrespectful!
Anyways, I love you! Thank you for all the support you give. And sorry this letter is all over. But you're the best! Thank you, THANK YOU!

Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

P.S. I made my first balloon animal yesterday. =)

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