Tuesday, April 19, 2011

19 Apr 2011

It sounds like it has been a super duper week. Honestly, I don't remember a whole lot that happened this week. I got sick and it was bad. But, luckily, it only lasted for a day. I really am grateful that I haven't been super sick on my mission...I've only thrown up once and that's a blessing! Now when I get sick, I'll be at home. I hope returning home won't be what it was like when I got to Washington...sick for a week straight. I guess that's normal though.

We had some really great things happen this last week. People are progressing and the work is moving along nicely. We've got two people who are getting baptized in May. I'm so excited for them, even though I won't be here to see it. But, they're making way and doing awesome!

We've got zone p-day today. It's crazy how fast this transfer has gone. I don't know. I'm trying my hardest to stay focused and sometimes, it's really hard. Mainly because people keep asking me about home. And my good friend Elder Reeve is a walking countdown for me. Never fails. If I see him or if we talk on the phone, it's always a 'Oh, so how many weeks? 2?' Which I don't mind, but I guess the constant reminder is just saddening.

Sister Kendell and I are doing great. We've been working and I just feel exhausted writing this email. Like, I said, I don't even know what we all did this week, but I do know that we've seen hearts change and miracles happen. Prayers have been answered.

It's interesting, as a missionary, I feel like I can sense more people's problems than before. But, it happens. Pregnant people and marriages falling apart. I've learned so much about it and about myself and about everything. Things that will help me with my future life.
I've meet some really cool people this week. We've eaten dinner with them and I just, I love them. We ate with a hilarious couple last night. She's my age and has a 6 month old baby...I couldn't believe it. It shocks me to know that I really am in the world, but not at the same time. Our worlds aren't the same and that's really interesting for me to see sometimes.
The Mitchells are fabulous! I love living with them and feel so blessed to be in their home.

Some llamas followed us while we were tracting/walking. It was great. I sure do love them.
Haha, I feel sad that this email is lame. Haha. But, it by no means I love you all less. Things are going fantastically and I love my mission. I can't believe that it's almost over for me. Where does the time go? I honestly have zero idea.

But I love you all! And thank you for the support you've given to me.

Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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