Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009

Your email made me really happy this morning! I love it when it's super long! It just makes my little girl heart flutter. I've also been here for just over 4 weeks and that's great. Only 6 more to go. I'm here for 10 weeks, on the dot. I leave the 26th. And also, I don't get to call home on Christmas, which is lame, but anyways.

Yeah! I love going to the temple because it's so great! I'm going to get a bunch more done today and send them out once again. P.S., did you get my memory stick with the temple names? OH MY GOSH!!!! That's nuts about Gramma Kay and George. Oh my goodness, I can't believe that. What a nutso! I can't believe that people do that. It is just ridiculous. Oh man, I can't even imagine that, especially since he never really says anything and then...yeah.

Oh, do you have any other t-shirts you want to send? well, nevermind. I guess I don't really need them. Yeah...don't worry about it. But those trouser socks sound LEGIT!!!! I want some! Any color will do. I'm just digging that cause it's super. And I hope that it works good in Washington. Oh, any update on the boots? Because it'll be better if I have at least some closed toed top shoes. Does that make sense? Entonces...

Oh, President Barrett is so cute! It just make my heart happy to see him every day in the MTC. They have a huge thing with all the mission presidents all over the world, so I get to see him every day when I go to lunch and any other meal!!! YAY!!! It's great! But I love him and Sister Barrett. They're just the sweetest people! And I know that he cares about me. Haha, no I'm not concerned with marrying any young man right now or anything about any young man right now.

Thanks for keeping me updated on the social aspects of the stake. But it's great. Oh man, what's up with all these people getting married? Haha. It's all good, I'm so glad I'm not married. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else besides serving the Lord in the MTC right now. YES!!!!
That's cool about Erin getting that driver from West Bend. OH GOOD!!! When is she coming home then? I haven't heard from her and I was going to write her, but I didn't know if she was home, because I'm writing Jodi to her home address. Speaking of which, I wrote her and told her that she needs to get her life in order and stop worrying about getting married. Every letter I've gotten from her has had something in it about getting married or engaged and I just don't want to hear about that. It just seems like she's spending too much time and energy worrying about something she's not remotely ready for.

Anyways. SEND ME PICTURES!!! I dont' have a lot and I want more. Especially of Adam and Cami. I have ones from Halloween, but that's about it. And I'm just yeah. As far as the pictures for my plaque go, just go with the one that I submitted for my mission papers or whatever. Just one where I look good. That'll do.

Oh man, Mom. I just love being a missionary! It's the greatest calling in the world and I wish that everyone could be a missionary! The Lord blesses us so much and He's so mindful of what we do. This work is so great and I can't wait to finish up here in the MTC and get out to the field so I can share the message of this restored gospel to the world! It's a message everyone should want to hear because it's of complete joy and greatness!!!! I love it here and I couldn't think of a place I'd rather be! :-D Anyways, I love it here. The church is true, the book is blue. And when we know what we do, what on earth could matter more?
I LOVE YOU. I can't wait to hear from you once again.
Hermana Pleshek

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