Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23 March 2010

Hola familia.

It sounds like there's some fun things going on with track. I bet Erin is just loving being the assistant. Even if there is a big creeper over in Bowler. Oh well, we all have 'em. I certainly have my share of creepers out here. What the heck? I'm on a mission. I shouldn't have creepers. But they certainly present themselves.

YES! I'm super stoked for my box to come! And have all sorts of good stuff in it. Did you see if it takes the same memory cards that I have? Man, I need to send a box home. I've got some stuff that I don't want here, but I want at home. Oh well, I'll get around to it eventually. Probably when I get transferred out of here, but who knows.

I'll ask around about those people, but does he know their exact address? Cause that would be a little more helpful. Yeah, I go to Pasco alot. But, I'll ask around too and try and find a directory. Or, I could even ask President Montierth. He's the Stake President over Pasco and I have to call him today about one of our investigators. But I'll probably for sure find them. That would be really cool. I want to see someone that Dean knows!

Yeah, I read Clare's email about the whole Roy/house situation. What a turd. I can't believe he thinks that anyone else would want to buy that house. Yuck. If he's not going to sell it to the Gourleys, he's better off just tearing it down and selling some of the crap she's got in there on ebay. Yikes. I can't believe he was a jerk about it all, though. Lame. At least they'll be living in MaryEllen's house. What a sweetheart. I just love her. And it'll be fun for them to still be in their own house and to be close by and yeah. Good deal.

Aww, Cami's all 3 now. What a little cutie! I'm sad that I missed her birthday, but that's okay. I bet it was fun. The cake looked good, excpet for the creepy Aurora topping. Clare showed me it in a picture and I was like EWW! That's nast! But at least she loved it. Is Princess and the Frog good? I'm sure it is. It's Disney! I don't think they're really allowed to be bad. I definitely want to see Cami with her little pop gun, pretending to shoot a deer and make it into jerky. Just make sure she doesn't try and kill Gus or Betty. That would be really sad. I think I would probably cry, since they're like my favorite ducks on the pond.

Yeah, we've still been having excellent weather! It's beautiful out here. We've even had the AC on in our apartment.

That's awesome about Lacy and her call! CONGRATS LACY! I'm sure she's just thrilled beyond all belief! It's still just a miracle that she hasn't fainted or anything since. Oh man, that's amazing!

That's crazy about the dream! It sounds amazing though. I just wish...I just wish that Papa would change. But everyone has their agency and we can't make them change. Which is unfortunate for some people. GALL. But, we just tell them we love them. And that we're there for them. And it's all we can do. Pray. Fast. You know.

Well, the most exciting/scary thing that happened this week was on Sunday. We were driving to church and we saw this 2 car accident. This lady was driving [it was raining and the roads were wet.] and she hit the guard rail and started spinning. Luckily, she didn't go over, but she did hit the inside brick wall and stopped. But the car behind her...yeah, not so much. So that car smacked into the 1st one and just was out of control. It stopped right before the 2 roads merged. But anyways, my comp stops the car and is calling 911. She runs across the road and hops over the middle wall. I'm like okay, well, let's turn off the car and turn on some hazards here. So, I do it and then I run across the highway and hop the wall and there's just glass everywhere. This lady, Trina, had a HUGE goose egg on her head and it just was not pretty. She wasn't bleeding or anything, but she was really shaken up. We just stayed with her holding her hand, and telling her it was going to be okay. Finally police arrived and this state patrol man comes up to us and he's like Sisters? What are you doing? And we just told him what happened. We ended up staying at the scene for about 45 minutes and had to sit in the back of a cop car while we filled out our witness reports, but it was crazy. And it was such a testimony builder to me that God really does have a plan for all of us. This lady was SO lucky that she wasn't injured more than she was. She should have been. But, the Lord has a plan and it's just amazing to me that people go through that kind of stuff and don't realize that. We talked to her later in the day and she was sore, but doing okay. They realeased her from the hospital. Apparently she has a niece that's a member. She told us she was really grateful for being there with her.

Another thing to is that while I was getting ready for church on Sunday, I was listening to a John Bytheway talk and he said something about putting on your missionary tag and how it has Christ's name on it in big bold letters. Just as he was saying that, I was putting on my missionary tag and it was just amazing to realize once again, I'm a servant of the Lord. I'm doing HIS work. HIS time. HIS plan. These are HIS children and He's trusted me with them. It just built my testimony of that so much stronger. My testimony has been built so much this week.

I'm learning to rely on the Lord a lot. A lot more. It's super hard with my companion some days. And I'm learning patience. And love. And just how to rely on the Lord. He's always there for me and I just need to let Him help me. And I do. I always need the Lord's help. He's just been there for me. But whatever doesn't kill us only makes us stronger! And that's what I love. I know I'm going to grow from this so much!

Anyways, I love you! Thank you for all you do for me! I miss you, Mom.
Con mucho amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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