Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 March 2010

This picture was sent to us by some members.
The Hermanas "heart attacking!"
AHH!!! This email is going to but nuts because I'm done with writing emails and I'm only like 4 months in. Haha. But oh well, it'll be not as long as I want because I don't have as much time as I'd want.

It sounds like your week has been exciting from the power outage to Miriam coming and Alex coming home. I can't believe that he's home. I was like freaking out about it last week, but now it's real and he's back and I can't believe that I'm not there to see him. It's just really sad for me because he's Alex and I love him and who knows when I'll get to see him next, ya know?

So, things this week have been really rough. For both me and my companion. We've just had a really down week and just wow. It's been tough. It started on Wednesday, I think. I had a dream that I was there when Alex got home and I was just crying and shaking cause I was so happy to see him and everything was awesome. I woke up with tears just coming down my face because it was so sad. Oh well, though. That was just the tip of the ice berg and for the first time on my mission, I've truly been trunky. It's sad though. Like I've never wanted to go home so bad while being here and it was just...ahh, really heartbreaking for me. But I got over it.
On Thursday, we found out that a family we were teaching and getting ready for baptism went over to a member's house and basically said she never wants to see us again...and this member didn't call us. Like, and this member is in our meetings, but she didn't call us. And that sucked because we had no idea. And it's jsut because of this lady's husband. Ugh.
Saturday we had our meeting with the WML and some of the auxilieries and stuff ...oh our Corrolation meeting. And it was awful. Like, it's so unorganized and it just...well, not that it always isn't. Some days it's just better than others. I don't know. I feel like we need to get a temple prep class started in our branch, and everything depends on the missionaries, so yeah. We need a temple prep class and we need it now. And I don't even know where to start with that. Any ideas?? Dad???

Anyways, yesterday was better and today is P-day, so of course it'll be good. I got a letter from Brett. I wasn't expecting that at all. But it was good. It's the first time I've heard from him and it's always fun. I actually heard from a lot of people this week that I didn't think I'd ever hear from. So, it has been a good week.

I'll remember all that good stuff for when I get to give my talk. Maybe I'll just start writing it now - that would be fun. It's not like I don't have a ton of stuff to do already. Haha. No, I really do. It's so hard to find the time to do anything. I've never scrapped around for more time in my life. And now I can see why it's so hard to adjust post mission becaues you're always going, going, going and then BAM! Nothing. It's just being slammed into a wall. Haha. But that's alright, we all have to adjust.

WAH! Sounds like that girl is in desperate need of a ...counselor? If that. Meds, that's for sure. It's crazy how things happen and how people just get sent home. It's unfortunate because being a missionary rocks. It's really an amazing calling and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be a missionary right now. I have an incredible companion, an amazing mission president and his wife is absolutely wonderful. I'm so blessed to be here in the states, especially in Washington. It's so awesome!

As far as other things go - it really is just going great out here. We're working hard and I'm so tired at the end of the day. It's insane. I'm trying to find my way around places and I'm always asking where we are and how to get places.

We went and ate at the Chandia's last night and they had a less active guy over there. He's a friend of their son Ben and he's in the Navy. Ha. Doesn't that sound familiar? But, it was really interesting to say the least. It's a sad story when they know that they're not living their lives on the straight and narrow and yet, they just don't care. If I knew all that I knew and still didn't do what was right, I'd be so scared. In fact, I'd be so scared that I'd do it cause the wrath of God...WOAH. Don't even want to think about that. But really, it's a tragic story. I mean, if you aren't going to live your life according to those convenants you've made, then alright. That's your choice. But don't lie about it.

Well, I'm almost done with my first transfer and I can't believe it. Time has gone by so quickly. I still feel just like a little baby who doesn't even really know anything. Yikes. But, I'm still learning and growing. It's what we do.

Well, I've gotta get going. But I love you all. And I'm grateful for your support and that we're an eternal family. It's the greatest blessing that we're given and I believe that with everything in me. Families are great! And I sure was blessed to have an amazing one! Pues, hasta el proxima semana. Te quiero.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Pleshek

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