Tuesday, September 14, 2010

14 Sep 2010

OH MY GOSH!!! Mom! I'm super stoked about the whole Miracle of Forgiveness thing. It's a common trend in my fast and always a necessity at the temple. We got to go to the temple today and it was lovely! I learned more things, as always. Not quite the experience last time I went, but you know, we can't always have those kinds of things happen to us. But anyways, it was still great as ever and I've decided that I'm getting married in Portland because of the cool reflecting pool. Joke. But still, it's really pretty...especially when it's not raining.
I sure did get that message from Jocelyn and I screamed. I was pretty stoked and can't wait to come home and see it. It'll be great and I'm super stoked! I can't believe it! But, I'm excited. I'm going to have my Spanish lessons all ready so I can teach it to be bilingual. =)
I just have a message from Elder Bair. He says that he was Elder Bair once in the letter that you typed, but I told him not to make fun of my mamma. So, it's okay. Nah, he's funny. I sure do enjoy having him in my district. He's my sanity. Too bad he lives in Arizona.
I'm sitting next to Elder Pixton, too. He's a funny kid. He always asks me 'How art thou?' and it makes me feel all happy. He's a cool kid. He's writing a book. Not sure where he's from, but enough about the people that are sitting next to me.

Yeah, the whole GPS thing. That's nuts. But, you know, I'm sure I'll be fine. I've got Elder Bair to give me directions if I need to get up in his area, but other than that, I'm good. I've been here for almost 6 months and know the roads pretty well. Even the shortest distance. And who knows what'll be happening next transfer, but it'll be fun.

I can't believe that I've been in Vancouver for so long. It's been crazy and I really do think that I'm headed up to Yakima for a while. Which is alright with me...even though Yakima is NUTS! All sorts of gangs and craziness. But, oh well. I'll be good. I can't believe how fast this time flies. We're already halfway through the transfer and I'm pretty sure we just had them last week. Oh well, you know how it goes. They say that it goes even faster after the mission...not sure how excited I am about that.

Well, I'm glad Nichola and Corey are planning a temple wedding. I wrote her a letter last week and asked her about all of it and what not. But, I'm glad they're shoting for the temple. I'm so proud of her! I sure hope that everything works out for her and that she's happy. She deserves it and I just love her stinkin' guts!
Yesterday was awesome! We were teaching back to back appointments all day long. No one flaked on us [first time ever!] and we were just busy! I love it because I'm starting to see the fruits of my labors here. We're doing so well and the area is doing awesome! We're getting people to church and that's awesome! I just, I couldn't be more happier than to see things coming around after working so hard for 6 months. But, I hope I can stay around to see it continue to grow. Every day is finding and teaching and it's just...wow. It's intense and I love that I can see myself growing. Not only in the gospel, but teaching it to other people. I'm a lot more confident in my abilities to do it...especially in English. Speaking a different language definitely brings out the first language confidence. Haha. If that makes sense.

I couldn't be more happier to hear things are going well at home. Things just keep getting more and more busy and maybe one day they'll slow down and I'll have time to breathe. I had an interview with the Greers on Friday. I fell apart in Sister Greer's hands. I've been feeling the last couple of weeks like just kind of as a failure as a missionary. Like it would be more beneficial to come home. ANd I know that's not true, but Satan was kicking me while I was down. That I'm positive of! But, things have turned around and maybe all I needed was a good cry to my mission mom. I didn't have you, so I had to go somewhere. But, anyways, things have been a lot better this week and I'm feeling back in the game!
Well, I love you all! Thanks for all you do for me and I couldn't be more happy to be a missionary! The Lord is truly mindful of us and all that we do. I love seeing His hand in the work every day and looking for those baby miracles.
Con amor,
Hna. Pleshek

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