Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28 Sep 2010

Clare wrote me and said that you probably told me about your birthday. What happened? Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I was meaning to send you a letter, but it never happened because it's been still oh so crazy! We've got people on date and we're planning baptisms and things are really picking up in the area! I'm so excited to be here! I just love it. We have transfer calls coming this week and so I'll be letting you know what's happening next week. I really want to stay to see things progress and move forward, but as always, I'll do whatever the Lord wants and go wherever He needs me.

So, last week. Ugh, this story. Haha. So E. Ahart and I were kind of playing soccer/keep away with some other missionaries. And I cornered him and stole the ball away from him. I passed it to Sister Ulrich and he steals it from her...again. So, I go and I try to kick it away and I end up kicking his shin. Which, no big deal, except I just fall down because of the PAIN that is coming from my ankle/foot. Anyways, there's a HUGE dent where I kicked his shin and I'm like dang. Instant bruise. Well, an hour later, the dent swells and like half of my foot is just engulfed in this bruise/swollen red painful spot. Let's just say it was really pretty and it's only continued to get prettier. The bruise has spread to almost all my foot and ankle and it's really funny because everything asks what happened to me. Anyways, Ahart feels bad, but it's really cool. Probably the coolest bruise I've ever gotten. I'll send you a picture next week!
That's quite the flood! We haven't had a really good rain here for a while. But those are some fun pictures!!! I really enjoyed looking at them...even if they were small. but that's okay. I hope you enjoyed the pictures I sent last week...hope you got them.
Well, things are pretty nuts around here and I wow. The whole thing with Matt....that's nuts. Creep. I just, whatever. That's old news and I'm done with it. Bigger and better things, right? Sheesh. Is he still living at home?

I'll send you the address for the Beltrans next week when I remember it. I know the address, but not the zip code. And...can you send me some more contacts? Things have randomly happened [like when Hna. Dunoskovic threw mine away, etc] and so now I'm down to one pair and the ones in my eyes and the ones I have in are hurting like a mother. I have a box that I'll need to send home...especially if I get transferred. I don't need to cart that stuff around with me. But, that's that.
Anyways, I love you all so much! Sorry this is short, but things are going well here. I'll let you know what all happens with transfers. I love you!! And I miss you!
Hna. Pleshek

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