Saturday, September 11, 2010

Handwritten on 8 Sep 2010

Well, I just wanted to write you a letter...and let you know how things are going here. Well, everything is fine now. Yesterday was a pretty interesting day for us. For p-day, a majority of the zone went bowling. So we decided we were going to go too. So we follow the zone leaders to the alley. We all go inside and get our shoes and whatnot. Well, Elder Prawitt (my zone leader) figures out he has no socks. So Elder Bair gives him his and says he's going sockless. We had just done our shopping and so I had gotten som footie things for my hsoes. I gave my socks to Elder Air on the condition he would go out to my car and get my footie things. I toss him my keys, no big deal. He comes in like a minute later, not 30 seconds and summons me to come with him outside. I don't have any shoes cause he was wearing my flip flops, but I go out by him and he tells me that my car got busted into. He asked me waht was in the center consile and it was my GPS. Yep, it was stolen. Elder Prawitt comes out too and I'm all like least nothing else was stolen and I just kind of start laughing. I mean, you can laugh or cry. I chose to laugh. So. Elder Prawitt calls the cops and Elder Bair and I are just moving stuff from my car to his and fiuring out what we can do. There's no cameras and no one saw it. And it's a pretty main road. And they were busy. But we decide to go in and bowl. But then the cop comes so all 3 of us go back outside and takl to him. Turns out to be the same cop that helped E. Prawitt and E. Hortin when their car got broken into and E. Hortin's GPS got stolen. But we went inside and finished bowling. I lost. But that's okay. We all get done and it's pouring outside. Literally pouring. None of the glass is cleaned. But, I'm blessed that I have amazing elders in my zone! Elder Bair said we could go to his house and vacuum out the glass. E. Prawitt drove my car over there in the downpour. We got to the Elder's house and by that time I was just soaking wet. Elder Bair cleaned a majority of the glass out. Elder Ahart and I helped him We had fun cleaning the car. Especially when a tube of IcyHot exploded. Then the 3 of us got it all over ourselves. It was lovely. We got it cleaned the best we could.

Elder Bair gave me some dry clothes to wear. And the members they live with gave us brownies. Well, we had to go to dinner and it was raining again. The elders traded us cars which was fine, but then we got home and realized they had our apartment keys. So we were locked out. I went in by the manager and told her what had all happened. She gave us an extra key and then we got changed and went to dinner. Then we figured out that we left all our groceries at the church.
So anyway, we got our window fixed this morning. Still nuts we (I) got robbed and I'm not even in South America! But, oh well. It could be worse. I still can walk and the work wasn't hindered, so I can't complain. I'm not even mad about it. Usually I probably would be mad but I'm not. Like I'm sad that someone stole and roke the window of the mission vehicle. I don't know. I guess that's part of me that's grown up on the mission. I'm alive and kicking and that's what's important. There still are good people out there. So, all I can do is hope for the best.
Andyway, I love you. I hope things are going super great at home. The gospel is true. No doubt about it. We are teaching amazing people and it's awesome to see lives change! I still love being a missionary with every fiber of my being. Even if the little kids ask me if I'm pregnant. Haha. Oh well. I will write you again soon. Sorry for the slack on emails. I love you Mom. Thanks for everything you do for me! i appreciate it more than I can say!
Con amor de tu hija,
Hermana Pleshek :)

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